Average cost of a destination wedding for guests 2024

There are a million of ways and ideas to organize a wedding. People have become so innovative and resourceful that it seems as if there are not any surprises when the organizations and places for weddings are in question. Many people still prefer the traditional ones, but it should be noted that there is a growing trend of organizing destination weddings. Destination weddings have become very popular since they both offer an intimate wedding somewhere and a chance for a getaway. However, the prices of destination weddings can be very high, depending on the destination newlyweds choose.

The destination

So, the most important and key factor in determining the price of a destination wedding is the destination itself. More precisely, if you decide to have a destination a couple of miles away it can increase the costs, but not significantly. However, if you are more for a distant or tropical destination, the wedding costs increase for thousands of dollars.

Img source: jelgerandtanja.com

We should also mention that the number of guests here also plays a role in the final price. Namely, the more people you decide to take on a destination wedding, the more money you would need for their tickets and accommodation. So, there are various factors here which have an impact on the final price of a destination wedding.

What is the average cost of a destination wedding for guests?

There have been many data and analyses about this, and it has been established that the average price per gest, when destination weddings are concerned, is about $1,050. It should be noted that this is the price per guest for a wedding organized in the USA. If you are planning to have a wedding abroad, the average price per guest is about $2,600. However, always have in mind that the more people you have and the more exclusive destination is, the bigger the cost.