Average Cost of a Small Wedding in 2024

All the people who are planning to get married and who are planning to have wedding receptions know how hard it does get to decide on everything and to organize a wedding. The problems go from the smallest details such as choosing the type and color of napkins to really big ones related to the choice where the venue will be held. Even if you decide to have a small and a bit intimate wedding, you would have a lot of costs and you would simply not known when the spending on that wedding ends.

The factors

Even when you are planning a small wedding, you need to know that there are numerous factors that have an impact on the overall price of a small wedding. First of all, the choice of the venue plays an important role since the venue can go from really nothing if you plan it at home or to thousands of dollars if you plan it at some restaurant.

Img source: weddingwire.com

Furthermore, the choice of decorations, flowers and wedding cakes can also play an important role in establishing the overall price of a smaller wedding. And, finally, the choice of a band also plays a role in this. We should not forget the catering company for the food that is going to be served and wedding dress and tuxedo for the groom. All this increases the price a bit up.

So, what is the cost?

There have been various theories on the average cost of a small wedding and the vast majority of the numbers put the figure at about $33K. However, we need to point out that this amount can be significantly higher or smaller depending on what kind of a small wedding you would like. It should be noticed that the prices for small weddings in 2024 have been a bit lower in comparison to 2019.