Average Wedding Party Size in 2024

Many people say that there are not any problems as difficult to solve as the ones that appear when you start planning a wedding. There are millions of those little things that may make the wedding a complete success or a complete disaster, and the balance needs to be found in order to have a perfect wedding. First of all, the mere size of the wedding, i.e. the number of guests you plan to invite, may determine how your wedding would look like. If you invite too many it would be crowded, however, if you invite less than needed, it would be empty. So, what is the average size of the wedding party?

The size

There has been researching recently that pointed out that the vast majority of the weddings held do not have more than 200 guests.

Img source: warble-entertainment.com

However, if we take all the data into the account and calculate the average, we can establish that the average size of a wedding party is 167. However, there are weddings with significantly lower, and higher, numbers than this.

How to decide on the size?

Well, this is a bit of a difficult question since not all of the people have the same number of relatives, people they know, friends and co-workers they would like to invite to a wedding. If you do not have so many guests and you would like to have a more intimate and personal wedding, the desired number is usually at about 50, 100 at most. However, if you have a lot of people to invite, the usual number goes to 300 and even more. So, make the list of priorities and desires, and then decide who you would like to see at your wedding and one of the most important days for you. Read more at – WeddingsPartiesEntertainment for more tips and wedding planning.