Throwing A Bachelorette? 5 Fun Games To Try – 2024 Guide

Are you planning to conduct your or a friend’s bachelorette party? Need ideas to make it something special? We’ve got you covered.

Bachelorette parties are some of the most common fests to happen before a wedding with almost 78% of couples reported to have had one, with around 10 people attending the gathering.

Source: The Knot

Bachelorette parties are about spending quality time with your close friends and family and getting some great pictures for the album. Not to forget getting tipsy on glasses of wine and having a great time. Having an amazing blend of traditional beverages to replace the champagne might be a great idea as well. Try a bit of aged tequila-like Los Tres Tonos Reposado from The Bottle Haus for a wonderful change of flavor.

Here are 5 amazing games to try:

1. The Newlywed Game:

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A game, great fun to watch and even more fun to be a part of, especially when you know the couple involved. Have the host e-mail the bride’s spouse a list of questions beforehand. The degree of the questions is totally up to you, the host. The questions can be kept as R or PG-rated as everyone attending will be comfortable with. Takedown the spouse’s answer to each question, or make it more entertaining by taking a video.

Have a go at asking her favorite color, food, and dream destinations, and go all the way down the line. It’s a great way to get closer and strengthen your bonds.

During the bachelorette let the bride guess what her husband-to-be has answered for each question she gets right, all the invitees should take a shot, and for every question she gets wrong, she takes a shot of a drink.

2. The Drink-If Game:

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This game plays just like “Never-have-I-ever”, except here’s the catch, whoever the card applies to has to take a sip of their drink.

This can be just as fun, with questions like,” Have you ever gotten drunk with your significant other?” or “Have you ever pretended to dress like a bride?”.

You can take this a step further and make it, “if you’re wearing a red dress”,” if you have a cat”,” if you have brown hair” and so on.

This will depend on the comfort of the participants involved as well and should not be taken past limits.

Have a list of cards on which a “what-if” is written down and have every participant read them one after another. Each time someone answers positively, they must take a sip of their drink.

3. Bachelorette roulette:

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Here’s an interesting spin on the classical game of Russian Roulette, but without the revolver with bullets, instead you use a bottle of your favorite drink. It’s a fun, spin the bottle type game, where the spinner spins the bottle and the guests on whom it lands, decides what the drink would be and it’s flavor. This is a great way to add some fun to the party and can always be done at home.

4. The Smell and taste game:

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Here’s a fun challenge for your alcohol enthusiast friends. Fill about 10 – 20 glasses with different flavors and varieties of alcohol. Now blindfold the participant and have them smell and taste the drink in each glass( as the name implies ) and try to determine what flavor and type of alcohol it is. The rule is pretty simple if they can’t guess it, they lose and if they lose, they have to do the entire thing.

You can spice things up by having varied amounts of drink in each glass. Have fun with your friends and ramp up your wine knowledge.

5. The sober games:

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There are hundreds of games you could try sober so why limit it to one? You don’t always need to get drunk to have fun at a party, although these don’t have the added risk of you blacking out, these can be a hit among your friends.

Some of the things you could try include:

  • Pin the tail: This one’s a classic at bachelorette’s, here you play a variation of the classic childhood game of pin the tail on the donkey, where the player has to pin a tail attached to a pin on a cutout of a donkey. This is played with the added variation that doesn’t need to be explained anymore. Instead of this, you could play plant a kiss, where the participant has to kiss a picture of the spouse when blindfolded.
  • Who knows the bride best: This is a game in which a set of questions about the bride is written down on a sheet of paper and each of the participants attempts to answer them. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a prize. This can be played by adding drinking to the mix as well.
  • Most likely to: Just like the previous game, in this game a set of sheets are handed out with different questions framed on this like “Who’s most likely to spend a Friday afternoon at a bar” or “Who’s the most likely to date a celebrity”,
  • A makeshift runway: In this game, participants take whatever they can find nearby and construct the most elaborate outfit they can. From nearby curtains to wrapping to garbage bags. This is a great way to train creativity and crafting skills as well as give the chance for the bride-to-be to judge some of her friend’s works of art and pick the best among them.

Your wedding is a special moment in your life and the bachelorette party is a fantastic way for your closest friends and family to spend their time with you before you have a family of your own.

Remember and cherish the times you had with them and the memories you shared as these are things you will never be able to replace.

In the end, remember to have fun, take care not to overdo it, and make some final great memories.

Have a fantastic Bachelorette party.