12 best Lace Front Wig Wedding Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Wedding day is still the biggest day of anyone’s life, especially for girls. From the dress to the wedding ring, makeup and hairstyling, everything needs to be completely perfect on that day. You can manage everything but the hairstyle. If you have short hair and want to go for a specific style, you need to use the Wigs. And in this aspect, the lace front wigs provide you the most natural look.

Unice.com shared some of the best hairstyles that you can use for your big day. All of these styles are perfect for weddings. But you have to go for the one that grabs your attention.

The top 10 best lace front wig wedding hairstyles

Here is the list of the best wedding hairstyles that you can try in 2024.

1. Half-up twist

The style with half-up twists is the most popular one for weddings. You will stand-out in the wedding photographs that will be with you for a lifetime. In addition, this style is not even that tricky. The first thing you would have to do is to make a ponytail of the upper half of your hair. Leave out the remaining ones. Afterward, flip this ponytail inside out. And that’s all. If you want, you can give the left-behind hair some curls. It will add volume to your hair and make them look classy.

2. Oversized low bun

Looking for the hairstyle to match with the “Glam wedding theme”? Well, this oversized low bun would be perfect. You will have the bun and you will only have to set the tiara to look like a beautiful princess. If you have Voluminous hair that would be great or you can add some extensions. You can even you a lace front wig if your hair is short and light. A voluminous wig would be perfect for this low bun.

3. Beachy waves

This is definitely for the daring brides only. So, do you dare to go against the traditional trends and do what you like? These beachy waves style is perfect for the most chilled brides. If your hair has not grown up yet and still want to go with this, the solution would be the wigs. For a more natural and lively look, you should choose a lace front wig and not just a regular one.

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4. Loose low-do

So, go to your Prince charming looking like a cute princess? You will definitely need the lace front wig, if you have short hair. Although it is a simple and timeless style, it is quite a feminine style. You will only have to make a simple bun and secure it with pins. In addition, you can gently loosen some of the hair to frame your facial features.

5. Braided bun side swept

Want a bun but not that traditional one? You can have the braided bun style. This will be perfect with the tulle ball gown. This style will be most suitable for a garden wedding. So if you are going to have a destination wedding at a garden, you should go with this style. You will look amazing in the photographs with those beautiful floral arrangements.

6. Sleek and straight

All the wedding hairstyles does not necessarily mean that you have to make a braid or do curls. You can simply go with a sleek and straight hairstyle. This is for the Brides who want to go simple with a polished look. A perfect style for an elegant look that will provide you some amazing photographs. You don’t have to be a traditional bride if you don’t want to. It’s your day so go with the style you want.

7. Tucked under braid

A Tre’s chic hairstyle that would be perfect with the lace front wig if you have short hair. This one is an elegant and cool style, perfect for your “the big day”. Simply make a bit loose French braid and tuck the end underneath the brad and you are all set.

8. Swooped to one side

A highly voluminous hairstyle with some curls and all of them swooped at one side. Doesn’t the sound of it amaze you? No more complexities, no need to adjust them, and have a trouble-free and lovely big day. The lace front wig will be simply perfect to meet up with this style.

9. Chignon wedding style with embellished bow

Here is a bit twist in the traditional chignon hairstyle. You can have a flawless chignon bun and complete it with a bow. Bows have been an amazing addition in the wedding styles. Moreover, you can match the bow color in accordance to the color of your dress.

10. Formal Chignon style

For the most elegant ladies out there, this will be the best formal wedding hairstyle for you. An extremely sleek and straightened yet relaxed hair will be best for this style. You can complete it with some pearl earrings. It will be perfect for formal venues like ballrooms or a country club.

11. Hair vine

This is definitely for the daring brides only. A decorative vine in the hair on the wedding day? Whoa, that’s just amazing. You will only have to go with a loose braid either a French braid or a fishtail. Afterward, put the hair vine with some bobby pins and you are set to go. Definitely the most delicate yet attractive hairstyle for the wedding day.

12. Loose braid with flowers

The loveliest wedding style for girls who love to go for a messy one. This is an undone braid with a messy touch and finished with baby’s breath flowers. This style will look amazing in the photographs and seriously, that’s the thing that will stay for long enough. You need to look perfect in the photographs.

Final words but not the end…

You can go with a crowned style, braided tails or buns, give some light curls or make beachy waves. Or you can also go for the simply sleek and straight open look. It all depends upon your likings, taste, and the wedding adjustments. A floral vine or baby’s breath floral addition to the braids would be perfect for lively brides. So, go on and try.

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