8 Wedding Hairstyles That Won’t Damage Your Hair – 2024 Guide

When thinking about wedding events, there are two most significant concerns of every woman, whether she’s the bride, bridesmaid for a guest. The two most asked questions are what will I wear? And how will I style my hair?

A hairstyle is a vital part of your look. Whether you are going to work, on a date, or a wedding, we all want your hairstyle to look smooth, beautiful, and just perfect. Now a good hairstyle is a combination of many things like your face shape, the texture of your hair, its length, and above all, the hairstyle of self. Different hairstyles use different techniques; for instance, some hairstyles require deep back-combing or teasing, while others require heavy rollers. So, whatever you choose for the day, there is a lot of effort and technique involved to make your hair look pretty.

One of the many concerns of women is hair damage. They prefer the hairstyles that do the least damage to the hair. And those who still worry, they choose to use hair extensions. Sunber Hair provides unique natural hair extensions of every texture, style, and color. You can choose to have different extensions to enhance looks and get creative.

The main things that damage hair are chemicals from hairspray and heat from curling iron and straightener. Where most women think a little damage is worth the beauty you get from the style, many don’t compromise and look for hairstyles that won’t cause any damage.

So, if you are also looking for some fantastic wedding hairstyles that won’t damage your hair too much, you have got a few ideas for you!

1. The classic French braid

img source: unileverservices.com

There is nothing that can go wrong with a French braid. It is simple, always in fashion, and it looks classic. But most importantly, it doesn’t damage the hair at all. This bread starts from the crown and progresses all the way down as you keep adding sections. Plus, you can get creative with it too. Add a few floral details or pearls to the braid to give it a style. It’s a simple yet elegant and a perfect hairstyle for every occasion.

2. The fishtail

img source: marthastewart.com

A fishtail is another type of braid that is perfectly safe for your hair. Again, it is a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require extensive products or techniques to damage your hair. Because of its simplicity, you won’t have to worry about its breakage. It is a perfect every occasion hairstyle that looks perfect if you have highlights. To add your personal touch, you can tie a ribbon to the end of the braid as well.

3. Chignon

img source: unileverservices.com

If you are looking for an elegant updo that protects the ends from splits and damage, the chignon is an ideal hairstyle. Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful and simple, it is super easy to make. It doesn’t require tearing or curling. However, you give your hair a volume from the front; the hairstylist might tease your hair a little, which won’t damage it too much. You can make this simple yet elegant hairstyle by simply partitioning your hair into two sections on each side, twisting them, and tying them softly in a scrunchy. You can tie the remaining hair upwards onto the secured section.

4. Headband hairstyle

img source: lulus.com

A hairstyle that involves a headband is probably the safest and easiest one. Because the headband makes the hair stay in place all day, it is comfortable. However, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you choose a headband that is comfortable and doesn’t slip. Other than that, this hairstyle is pretty basic. You can either do a braid to go with it or simply pair it with a simple bun. Whatever you do, headbands look classic.

5. Ballerina high bun

img source: youtube.com

Ballerina high bun is a hairstyle that fits every age. From kids to grandmas’ everyone can rock this hairstyle. It is a neat yet soft style that is perfect for every hair type. It doesn’t need loads of hair spray, curlers, and straightener, and you can make it in one clean sweep. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging it in any way. It is a perfect hairstyle for a summer wedding.

6. Crown braid

img source: youtube.com

A crown braid looks utterly beautiful. It’s like a French braid, but it takes only the front hair strands as the braid progresses. Also, it starts from the one side for your crown head and goes all the way to the other. It gives the effect as if you are wearing a crown. And the best thing about it is it offers several possibilities of customization as well. You can either leave it open or tie them into a swift bun. Whatever you choose to do, this hairstyle is regal.

7. Side Ponytail

img source: unileverservices.com

Anyone can rock a ponytail. And the best thing about it is that it is basic. Tease your hair from the front a bit and tie them in a ponytail. Or, you can choose to make a sleek and super simple side ponytail as well. It requires no technique, no spray, no teasing. It’s a simple hairstyle that is always in fashion.

8. French twist

img source: unileverservices.com

If you have perfectly straight hair, you might struggle with hairstyles. In such a situation, the only hairstyle you should try is the classic French twist. The simple technique of a French twist will leave the spectators in awe. This hairstyle is all about sheer elegance and protects it just as well.

A good hairstyle doesn’t only look elegant, but it enhances your features, is easy to carry, and protects your hair as well. The hairstyles, as mentioned above, are just a few best of many that protect your hair from getting damaged. Try these now and tell us which one you love the most!