Take Care of your Hair for the Wedding – 2024 Guide

On your wedding day, you have a beautiful wedding dress on and then, of course, you also want your hair to look great to have a perfect wedding hairstyle. But how do you get beautiful hair? It’s all about the care! So you have to take care of your hair for the wedding to shine.

Hair expert

Go to the hairdresser in advance to make a test hairstyle. Ask the bridal fashion store if they have a photo of your wedding dress and if you can take a photo yourself. Take your photos to the hairdresser so that you can show what style of dress you are going to wear and what kind of bride you are. Discuss together what kind of hairstyle you do or do not want. Are you a bride with a hat? Then take this with you so that the hairdresser can take this into account.

Not at the last minute!

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If you want to dye your hair, it is advisable to do this a few weeks before your wedding day. If you do not like the color, you can always do something about it. You also reduce the chance of appearing as a green-haired witch at your wedding!

If you go to the salon on your wedding day, make sure that you are not wearing a too tight a sweater (or turtleneck) to prevent you from damaging your hairstyle while changing.

Haircare for the bride

Of course, you want awesome hair on your wedding day. We already said it: start on time! You can’t buy cream and have a bunch of shiny hair and a great haircut the next day. Good nutrition and products are important.


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Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin, for example, is a suitable vitamin to swallow. Your hair will shine and become healthier. A good diet is also important, so eat well!

Ask for advice!

Ask the hair salon for products that fit your hair. For example, your hair may have a protein deficiency. Hair that has been damaged has lost its elasticity, claims TheHairLossAdvisor.

By treating your hair with too much cream instead of protein, the hair will only become limp and hang. By balancing the protein level you get shinier hair, which is easier to handle but also becomes more lively. It could also be that you have hair that has a moisture deficiency. A good hairdresser knows which product is suitable for getting your hair healthy and shiny again. If you’re looking for a hair salon that can help you find a hairstyle that suits you perfectly, Therapy Hair is the place to go.