How to Style Your Own Wedding Hair – 2024 Guide

Beautifully styled hair steals the day at most weddings. So, are you looking for a pocket-friendly way to grab everyone’s attention through your hairstyle? With just a few accessories and little effort, you will stand out on this glorious day.

An up-do, half-up, and lower bun all take little time to perfect. Straight is easy to do as well, running on a tight budget to deliver breathtaking elegance.

Read through this article and get the easiest diy hairstyles that will emphasize your beauty.

Elegant Curly Up-do

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The pressure of a wedding can be overwhelming. You, therefore, need an elegant hairstyle that is easy to pull off. If you walk down the aisle with an up-do, there is no doubt that you will have nailed it.

No matter how psyched up you are when dancing or walking, the hairstyle doesn’t fall out of place. This makes it one of the most reliable wedding day hairstyles.

Making a curly up-do is undemanding. You are only required to divide your hair into a few handfuls. The hair on the front part of your head will form a gorgeous full volume when you twist it. Use a clear elastic hairband to hold the full front volume.

Now twist the remaining hair into a cute up-do. If the ends aren’t to your liking, use bobby pins to fix them. On the base of the hair you have uplifted, add a few alluring accessories.

Lower Bun

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Are you looking for a stunning uncomplicated hairstyle for your wedding? A lower bun will serve without failure. The lower bun hairstyle calls for little hairstyling effort. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair; this is an option that works for all people.

For this hairstyle, you will have to break your hair into two parts. Tie each part into a fanciable knot. You will then twirl the two hair sections in opposite directions. However, to make your hair look like a bun, you must twist around the knot.

Feel free to add headbands after you have held it ends with stylish bobby pins for emphasized glamor.

Intriguing Half-up

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The essential accessories for this breathtaking hairstyle are a brush and artistic bobby pins. The first step is creating some natural and loose waves on your hair by curling it. You will then tease your front hair to come up with the desired texture and hair volume.

Using one hand, twist and pin a section of your right hand’s hair on the left-back of your head. Repeat the same process for the left side hair section. You will then continue with this process until all your front hair is pinned back.

The pieces that may not be pinned back shouldn’t worry you. Pull them off creatively to expose a romantic half-up hairstyle for your wedding. The beauty of this irresistible hairstyle is that you can add any jewelry you want and still look good.

Unique Top Knot

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One of the most classic wedding hairstyles is the top knot. With its ease in making, you will only take a few minutes to look pretty. Also, the hairstyle will compliment your wedding dress amazingly.

Pulling off this style necessitates the making of a ponytail. You will then tease the ponytail until it doubles in thickness. If you want the exercise to be exquisite, it will help if you use a comb or hairbrush.

Once you are pleased with its thickness, pull the tail backward. Now use your bobby pins to pin the tail. The next step is spraying the hair with your preferred spray. You will then use locks of hair to make a full circle around the bun.

Bobby pins will come in handy to hold the elegant hairstyle in place allowing you to dance with ease. Finally, make sure you add a natural touch by loosening some front and back hair.

The top knot is great as it allows the display of a fantastic pair of complementary earrings.

Fishtail Braid

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Making a fishtail braid for your wedding is trouble-free. The knowledge of making a braid isn’t even required to manage this hairstyle. You only need to take a piece of your hair from the front and twist it back to its end. Use a small rubber band to secure the twisted hair.

The next step is flipping the hair around itself inwards. However, the flipping must be only once. You will then flip it from the sides until you are satisfied with the appearance. Mask the rubber band by pulling off a few pieces of the hair. The final step is adding a satin string at the braid’s end.

Final Thoughts

Achieving a magnificent hairstyle on your wedding day is straightforward with the above information. Decide the kind of look you want, then select the hairstyle from one of the above discussed. You can also practice making them beforehand to reduce the pressure of doing it a few hours before your wedding.

Finally, make sure to style your head in a manner that accommodates the jewelry you have.