What to Pack When Moving in With Your Partner?

Deciding to move in with a partner is a major life decision. But now you might have realized that there is a lot more to do apart from the decision like what stuff to take to the new place and how both of you can relocate successfully. Luckily there is a guide by professionals of movingfeedback.com that helps you to know what you should pack or what to leave behind to make the process easier, smoother, and less stressful for you. Check out the advice here:

Make an inventory

Before you start packing for anything, you should make an inventory of all the stuff you have. When you take a look at the stuff, you will find a lot of duplicate items in the apartments both of you and you have to decide which one to take. Know what both the apartments contain and then figure out your needs at the new home considering the size of it. Either sell, toss or gift the rest of the items to others.

Determine whose stuff is moving

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Do you have the newer couch? Are your furniture items bigger than the others? Know the measurements of the new home along with the dimensions of the furniture you both have. Mae a checklist of all the items to know the number of duplicate items that you both possess and then determine whose stuff is better to relocate. Also, make a list of items that you both will require in the new home. The less stuff you will have to relocate, the easier the relocation process will be.

Decide mutually

When combining household pieces of stuff, go through all the items that are present in your apartment at first like wall décor, furniture items, and so on, and take advice from your partner on whether the items will suit the new place and your lifestyle.

Then start with the next apartment items and decide everything mutually. You should be kind because parting the items could be emotionally ruining. You need to take care of our emotions of each other. When determining items which to take, be sure you take only those which you require else it will just add up the moving costs quickly.

Decide on home decorations

Before moving in, it is important to determine the home design preferences. Work together to know what will suit the best of a particular space. Instead of decorating the entire space by yourself with all of the stuff, be sure you both take part in it and make the space comfortable for both.

Prepare a strategy to deal with the clutter

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It is not practical to bring each item along with you when moving therefore be a little harsh and try to get rid of the maximum items. Be sure you both are respectful of each other’s needs and also look at the emotional perspective. For the rest of the items, be sure you have a strategy to get rid of them. You can donate, sell or trash those items. You can also generate money through items that are good in condition by selling those and can use the money for several purposes.

Consider the storage of a new home

Be sure you talk about the storage space present at your new home before you start packing your stuff, chances are that the home does not have enough space to store all the items that you want to take along with you. For those items, you might need to get storage space on rental.

Packing overnight bags

This is essential to living the first day or two comfortably in the new home therefore you need to pack separate bags for these. These items include such as toilet paper, toiletries, clean bedding or pillows, personal medications for both of you, snacks, a first aid kit, phone or laptop chargers, and many other items according to your personal needs and preferences that you will require before unpacking of the packed boxed.

Save your relationship

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Moving in with your partner is a big decision where any one of you might feel nervous and overwhelmed at first, make sure you work out the complexities together and save your relationship in the most constructive ways. Give your partner enough time and space to think over the decision and do not rush things, you both need to enter this new phase together than slide in leaning on one another.

You must also have a strategy in place to deal with situations that run out of hand. Once you have moved in together, bouncing back to the single life will be tough emotionally, physically and no doubt financially. You must decide on some limits on which you both would interfere in each other’s life.

Also, decide on the house chores that each one of you would be handling. It is a combined household now and each one of you should be responsible to handle its chores. Whatever is assigned to a person, he/s he must be fully responsible for it, however, this does not mean you must ignore helping each other whenever possible.

Whatever happens., stay prepared for some bumps on the road. There will come times when you will feel stuck in a situation and there is no way out. Just sit back, relax and take some deep breaths. This will give you time to think with an open mind and take the right decision.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Moving in together is such a big step in life and relationship. This is going to be challenging as major decisions need to be taken from what you will take along with you to dividing duties and responsibilities. You will make it to a happy life ever after if you take a little more mature approach towards the entire transition. This guide on what to pack will help you a lot in making the process easier and you can move in together to make your forever nest.