How To Be Sure That Your Venue Is Large Enough For Your Wedding?

Wedding bells call for numerous tasks. All of them seem never-ending and stay pending until the wedding is over. Amidst all of these, booking venues for the event is the most vital thing. When you visit several ballrooms and venue spaces to book one for your wedding, you will get to see empty spaces. Stepping into empty spaces will not help you understand if the space will be enough to accommodate all your guests.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure the venue is enough for your d-day. Though the square footage of the entire space helps determine the number of people it can accommodate, there are several other factors to consider. Visit this site to have some of the best ideas for the wedding venue. Before you make a judgment based on the sq. ft information, we want you to follow some extra aspects too.

To find the best one for your wedding, you will have to work closely with your wedding planner/coordinator to make sure that all the extra factors for the space are covered.

1. Dance Floor’s Space


This requirement is an obvious one, and ensuring enough dance floor at the venue will help you plan everything for the wedding accordingly. The key to a successful party is to have a dance floor of just the apt size. If you end up picking a small space for your wedding, you will have all your guests remaining in the seats. To make sure your guests have ultimate fun choose a venue with the right size of dance floor.

2. Space For The Cake Table


Though the cake table will not take up much space in the hall, choosing a venue that has just the right location for the cake table is important. Make sure that you will have enough space after all the arrangements, for the cake table as well so that it doesn’t get clumsy. There should be an area in the banquet hall that neither gets too much heat, sun, wind, or rain. Also, see that the cake table will be away from all high traffic areas.

3. Space For the DJ or Band


Without DJ what would you do with the dance floor? Besides the dance floor, you should have enough space where the DJ can have their entire setup to allow people to rock the floor. A band of 4 essential pieces with adequate amps usually requires a stage of 12’x20′. You should work with the DJ closely to discuss their rider.

This way you will know everything about their requirements and also if they will need any additional space for the equipment or any other stuff. The hall space should be big enough to accommodate everything.

4. Food Station Space


Based on the menu you want to keep at your wedding you will need to have enough space for the food stations and the buffets. If the meal arrangements will require a buffet setup, you will have to look for the space accordingly. You will need more space for the buffet tables and also for the actual lineup for the buffet tables. The venue coordinator will let you know your requirements.

For instance, they may say that at least one table will be required for 75 guests, and then you can manage things accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Before making the final decision for your wedding venue, you need to consider some of the vital elements from the checklist to have better control of the required things. You should know that finding the perfect venue is not an easy task. The space should be enough for your family and friends to gather and celebrate.