What Are Wholesale Jewellery Boxes?

The culture of wearing beautiful jewelry by ladies was alive even before the improvement and evolution of the world. The expensive ornaments or any kind of jewelry are basically linked with women or can say, females. To maintain their first interest, their items need disparity not only with themselves but also with their packaging too.

There are a lot of types in the jewelry business like pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, nose rings, anklets, necklaces, etc.

Existence of jewelry boxes:

And you have so many options for the gift but you keep thinking about the packaging?

So, if you also think about this kind of stuff, then you might be interested in these custom jewelry boxes. These kraft jewelry boxes are mostly very elegant and aesthetic and more than one thing can be stored in them because they have foam inserts inside of them. These wholesale jewelry boxes are available in different designs at Westpack, such as colors, or even in different printing. It depends on what type of gift you want to give and does it have to be jewelry or something apparel-related can also be added to it, they are usually handmade boxes in which jewelry is put.

You might be wondering why jewelry boxes are needed to make the outcome look more attractive than inside material and how that can be done?

But these are some requirements of custom printed boxes which should be satisfied:

• Quality is the major key it is said to be the basic structure for jewelry boxes.
• Perfect in printing to make it look attractive.
• Neat edge cuttings.

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Types of jewelry boxes:

• Printed jewelry boxes: Here is the one option to make the outer appearance more attractive and less time taken. This is by getting your jewelry boxes in different designs, patterns, and indifferent printing. With the Printed jewelry boxes, the exterior of boxes can be really charming and attractive. The first look at the box says it all. So, if you are giving these kraft jewelry boxes to your loved ones on some special occasion, you might like to add a card or a greeting or get custom printed as per the occasion requirements. Staples has so many designs and color combinations that can give you really great ideas for your greeting cards.

• Flip-over custom boxes: With the Flip-over Handmade Jewelry Boxes, you make sure there is only one piece and it turns over when it is opened. So, it either has a magnetic lid to be flipped from the top of the flaps is made in the style of ribbon design attachments. Printing can be added inside and outside too for making it engaging and beautiful for your receiver.

You can embed them in them to make the product secure and protected. These flip boxes are generally handmade. Depending on your product you can also get these boxes in any style. If your object is not heavy, I would suggest you use short-end boxes as they are easy to gather. But if you are using heavy boxes for shipment purposes, I would suggest you use thick Cardboard Boxes.

• Foiled Logo kraft jewelry boxes wholesale: What you need is not only printing as per occasion but you also need printing as per the foiling. You need foiling in silver and gold to make the outlook perfect. Most of these handmade jewelry boxes are chased in matte lamination. You can get them done as per your requirement and in the sizes and shapes of your requirement as well. You can get them from Printcosmo printing and packaging boxes as per the requirement.

What type of packaging is best for delicate jewelry?

If you are looking forward to packing a particular jewelry item, you may have concerns that a pouch will not provide adequate protection for the item.

For example, During the shipping process, less attractive and even more functional boxes for jewelry are even safer. This standard jewelry packaging option saves the contents, although it is versatile and less durable than those fashionable decorative boxes. So the main question is how do you package fragile jewelry? A best option is to place a decorative box with your company logo on it inside a cardboard box for more protection.

Expensive and luxury packaging which looks great.

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What type of box should you choose?

This is the main question that often arises! But there is no such definite or specific answer to this question but it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of jewelry or even the color of your logo. The popular choice amongst most of the customers is the perfect packaging which looks aesthetic and elegant as it makes them look good.

Choose a color that your target audience will appreciate.

It is said that if you sell a women’s ring it should be in a light toned box and if it’s for men it should be in dark color. It all automatically goes down to the types of pieces you sell in the name of your brand.

Personalize simple packaging:

Beautiful packaging does not mean costly investment. We can turn cheap packaging into elegant and aesthetic looking. Adding some perfect props like dried flowers, and Matching stickers too as it gives the purchase a personalized feel.

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Make the jewelry box as a part of your Customer’s experience!

Avoiding using too much tape on boxes gives it a rich feel as it looks neat. You can make jewelry secure by giving it a cushioning feel. So because of all these buying them wholesale is a more preferred choice for most businesses.

As buying them in bulk will make the business go in a flow.

Go eco- friendly!

Lastly you can go eco friendly with the boxes. As today’s era is all about environment safety many people will prefer and get attracted to the fact that the boxes are eco friendly. As they prefer companies who use environmentally friendly products.

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Buying wholesale jewelry boxes the work go in the exact flow and sequence because the businesses can just go smoothly without any resistance.