Average Wedding Florist Cost in 2024

Flowers for the wedding can cost between 500 and 1000 dollars. Much can affect their price. Some of the main factors that are affecting the cost of the flowers are the type of flowers, location, variety, and decor. People who are arranging flowers for the wedding usually the price per settlement instead per hour. Finding a great designer for flowers is an important part of the wedding. That person is responsible for making the arrangements, decors, corsages, and most importantly, the wedding bouquet.

The Average Cost of Flowers for the Wedding is variable. It depends on several factors like season and location. Maybe the best option could be to buy seasoning flowers from your area if you want to save some money. For example, a single peony flower can cost about 12 dollars, while roses cost around 35 dollars. When it comes to a bridal party flower, corsage cost around 35 dollars, boutonniere can cost somewhere between 15 and 25 dollars. Bridal bouquets can cost from 150 to 500 dollars.

Img source: marthastewartweddings.com

Floral Decors is also quite expensive with 500 dollars for Altar bouquets, while greens for table and whole ceremony can cost between 300 and 400 dollars. The location of the wedding is very important for the price. For example, New York or Los Angeles have higher prices for the flowers than some smaller towns. In some smaller places, the cost of the flowers for the wedding can cost around 3,000 dollars. Also, if you like a variety of different species of flowers, that will affect the price to be higher also.

Usually, Wedding Decorators charge per arrangement, so you should ask for some recommendations before hiring someone, or read some reviews. The best way to save some money on decoration is to combine and reuse flowers and choose a few types of it. Also, you will save some money if you choose seasoning flowers instead of the exotic one. The conclusion is that it is desirable to hire a florist for the wedding, you just have to know your limits in order to spend a smaller amount of money instead of a fortune.