Should You Get A Background Check Before Marriage

Getting married really is a big thing as it is an entirely new page in our lives because, in most cases, it is the next big yet logical step when you know and care about that special someone. On the other hand, when we don’t know all the details and facts about that person, it can cause many problems. Yes, the most common argument people use is how they know everything about the man or woman they plan to marry, but sometimes, there are certain things that are not shared.

In order to avoid any unpleasant situations and really have all the essential info, doing a background check is highly recommended, which is something we will further discuss. We understand that this might sound way too complicated and serious, but it’s always much better to be safe than sorry, and one of the best ways to perform a background search is by hiring a private investigator with a vast experience like those at Haywood Hunt.

Whether they are married or not


Okay, this might seem like a way too obvious reason, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be on this list-on the contrary. Namely, this is where it all starts, and what’s even more important, you can easily check it and be sure that everything is okay. On the other hand, most people tend to neglect this as something not that important, and usually, the main reason for that is because they trust their loved ones. Now, we are not saying that you shouldn’t trust your significant other, but it is much better and safer to check whether someone is already married or not.

Another reason why doing a background check can benefit you is related to paperwork and how it can complicate things. Let’s be honest, no one wants or likes dealing with a ton of paperwork, and it’s pretty easy to conclude that if someone is already married can only complicate things. So, to avoid any possible inconvenience and to really have the wedding of your dream, doing a marital background check should be on your to-do list. In the end, it will surely do no harm but can save you a lot of time and nerves.

Checking the identity


We all agree that the internet and modern technology have changed everything and made our lives much easier. We are now able to do various things from the comfort of our homes, such as talking to someone from the other side of the world, purchasing without even getting up from our beds, and much more. Unfortunately, it has its downsides, as it is perfect for fraudsters who wait for their opportunity to steal someone’s identity and present themselves as someone else. And regarding that, getting a background check before marriage is a great way of learning more about the future spouse and avoiding being a victim of fraud.

The first thing to check is whether the person you want to marry is actually the person they present themselves as, or you can end up in a marriage with someone you do not know at all. In most cases, someone who uses a stolen identity has a lot of things to hide, and being married to someone with dangerous secrets is never a good option. Besides that, another thing that background checks can reveal is whether your future spouse was a victim of identity theft because it is something that can affect your life too, once you get married.

Possible money-related issues


Money makes the world go round, but getting married to someone you love is a much bigger thing with much more meaning. Now, this is why most people don’t want to talk about financial status, but this can be a big problem. Once again, trust is the main reason people avoid doing any background checks, but with money-related things, this should be a must.

Yes, this is a pretty easy thing to do as well and can save you a lot of trouble. It’s all because when we get married, we share everything, and in most countries, the law clearly states how everything you two acquire during a marriage, in case of a divorce, is equally shared. Of course, no one wants to talk or even think about divorce, but still, this could be a lifesaver. Above all, it’s always good to know all the facts before you start living with that person, and when you share financial responsibilities and entanglements with that special someone, it all gets even more important.

Checking the criminal records


Okay, we all agree that love is blind, and people can change because of it, but once our relationship becomes serious enough to think about the wedding, we need to know everything about our future spouse. Checking the criminal history of our future life partner can tell us a lot and save us from many inconveniences, especially if it is not flawless.

Some minor violations are usually not a reason to worry, but even they can be suspicious if you learn about them only after checking. If someone is trying to change, they will tell you about previous mistakes since a marriage full of secrets is always doomed to failure. On the other side, finding out about some serious violation such as violence, abuse, or murder is always an alarm sign, and it is better to end all relationships on time before it becomes too late.

Presence on social networks


Thanks to the internet and social media, people are much more connected now, and it is almost impossible to find a person who does not have a profile on at least one of the social networks. Looking at someone’s profile can tell us a lot about that person, the way they think, and what they like or dislike. We can find out a lot on our own, but a professional investigator can find out much more and help us see the whole picture. For example, we can follow our future spouse on their public account, but not being aware they have more of them they keep hidden. Learning about other profiles can help us understand them better and learn more about their personality and behaviors.