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The world of diamonds and diamond shopping has changed radically in the past 50 years. Access to lab-created diamonds has given many shoppers the chance to purchase more gems and larger diamonds with a smaller ring budget. The ability to choose stones and design custom rings to suit the taste of each recipient and the couple has also added to the intimacy of jewelry selection. Instead of choosing a ring already designed by another, shoppers can create a custom wedding set that suits them perfectly.

Using the Diamonds Buying Guide on the Rare Carat Online Diamond Marketplace


The first rule of using the Diamonds Buying Guide from Rare Carat is to understand the challenge of finding mined gem-quality diamonds. Most diamonds taken from diamond mines are good for industrial applications. Both cutting diamonds and gem-quality diamonds are made of carbon and are extremely hard. Properly shaped, even poor-quality diamonds can be put to use to cut and grind metals.

The Diamonds Buying Guide, when applied to gem-quality stones, starts with the 4Cs:

  1.     Cut, or number of facets. Round cuts have the most cuts and sparkle, while the emerald cut is more sedate
  2.     Color, or clearness of the gem. A gem with excellent color quality contains few inclusions and is not yellowed
  3.     Clarity, or quality of the surface. A diamond with excellent clarity has no blemishes on the surface of the finished gem
  4.     Carat, or weight

Most diamonds in circulation in jewelry today are quite small. When the tradition of giving a diamond as a n engagement ring was initially established, the solitaire was generally a .25 carat. However, access to lab-created gems has increased your access to Large Diamonds from Rare Carat.

Ring Budgets Don’t Have to Be Huge!


Lab-created diamonds are made of carbon, just as are mined diamonds. Because lab created diamonds can be more easily controlled and allowed to develop safely, you have the chance to buy a high-quality diamond for a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond. You will also not have to concern yourself with the environmental devastation and political unrest that was once part of the mined diamond trade.

Of course, the first choice you must consider when selecting a ring is the taste and comfort of the recipient. If your intended loves simplicity, a single emerald cut or Asscher cut may be perfect. For a wearer who loves sparkle and flash, the chance to build an affordable 10 Carat Diamond Ring is possible!

While planning your design options, consider designs that also feature small diamonds in the wedding band creation. One partner may long for a ring that is loaded with light, while the other may prefer something more sedate. A wedding band set of brushed metal can be brightened with tiny diamonds embedded in the bands, leaving plenty in the ring budget for an engagement or pre-engagement ring that will dazzle.

Metal Options Abound


As you and your beloved shop for wedding jewelry or special event pieces, take a close look at items you already have and wear each day. If your beloved always wear silver, consider a white gold or platinum set to avoid clashing with their current favorite pieces. If you and your intended like the look of rose gold, you may want to consider highly faceted gems or even diamonds that feature a bit of yellowing. While yellow diamonds are considered to be of lesser quality, they do offer a rare design feature that is unlikely to be copied.

When studying your metal and band selection, carefully consider the daily habits of the intended wearers. If you work with your hands, a flat band that sits close to your skin will be most comfortable. If the intended recipient of the engagement ring is a caregiver or spends a lot of time handling any type of textile, a ring that is wrapped by the band will be less likely to snag.

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Diamonds are a large investment, no question. You will want to be exceptionally confident in your purchase of gem and your selection of metal and band design. The reviews and recommendations left as tributes to the professionalism of the Rare Carat team will reduce your worries. This business has an excellent rating on Trustpilot and a 4.9/5 rating on Google Business. They sell to individuals and professionals alike. Make your investment in confidence!