Why Do Customers Prefer Eyelash Serums: 5 Things You Should Know (2024)

Most of us will spend the rest of our lives trying to get the ideal set of lashes, using anything from mascaras that claim to thicken and plump them to eyelash extensions. But much like the hair on our heads, our lashes need care as well, so it’s no wonder that when we ignore them, they become brittle and obstinately difficult to curl.

With or without your preferred magic wand, using an excellent lash serum once a day will support and strengthen your current lashes and promote healthy development, giving you bigger eyes.

How Do Eyelash Serums Work?

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Your eyelashes fundamentally refill in their hair cycle throughout three phases. Only 40% of your upper lashes and 15% of your lower lashes are developing at any one moment throughout the 30-45 day anagen period. An eyelash may be completely replaced in 4–8 weeks.

In the catagen phase, lash pigment and follicle shrinking take place, and the lash spend more than 100 days in the telogen phase before it falls out and is replaced by a new one. The eyelash will not last all three stages of the hair cycle when exposed to stress, menopause (lower estrogen levels), a bad diet, external pressures like perming, tinting, and lash extensions, as well as many other factors.

Your lashes can breathe and grow in a healthy environment thanks to a quality lash serum. Your lashes may survive all three stages of your hair cycle by fending against biological and external pressures, as per WooLash reviews.

The Risks of DIY Eyelash Extensions

DIY eyelash extensions might seriously harm your eye health if you don’t know anything about eyelashes or have never used them before. Which goods ought you utilize first?

Choosing inappropriate or inappropriate products for your lashes may have negative effects on the health of your natural lashes and your eyes, including itchiness, allergies, damage, and lash loss. First, the adhesive, a quite dangerous substance, has to be carefully chosen.

Every kind of eyelash glue comprises the chemical compound cyanoacrylate, which has a strong bonding action. However, the method in which this substance functions is complex: the more moisture there is in the air, the more the cyanoacrylate is activated.

In a humid climate, the adhesive will thus dry quickly and leave you little time to position the extensions properly. Additionally, pay attention to the tweezer you’re using. Not all tweezers are appropriate for all application-related tasks. It is significantly more difficult to accurately connect the extensions while using the incorrect tweezers.

Some of you may counter that you can consult a lash specialist for guidance on the appropriate items. Accidents may still occur if there is no expert approach used. When you apply lash extensions to yourself, your eyes are awakened.

How is it possible to shut your eyes while hitting? But doing so raises the possibility of getting adhesive in your eyes, which might irritate them or result in an infection.

You should be more realistic if you want the extensions to adhere to your natural lashes flawlessly the first time you wear them. When applying lash extensions at home, it’s hard to succeed on the first try; even the best lash specialist sometimes makes mistakes.

The process of repeatedly removing the eyelash extensions may be difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, DIY eyelash extensions cannot seem as attractive as eyelash extensions that have been professionally done.

How Long Does It Take the Lash Serum to Start Working?

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There isn’t a universal response to this question. Some individuals see improvements in lash health, overall lash shine, and lash flexibility in as little as a week, but the entire impact often takes longer. In general, we recommend waiting 3-6 weeks to take advantage of the hair cycle’s anagen stage.

To get the maximum lash advantages, you must be persistent and use the serum once daily for at least three months.

Avoid using washing oils and eye makeup removers with oil bases since they may act as a barrier, preventing water-based lash serums from functioning. Before your eye and skincare routine, apply your lash serum at night to a clean, dry lash surface.

One brush stroke should be sufficient to draw a thin line on your eyelashes as near to the lash line as you can using the little applicator brush that often comes with them.

How Long Will My Eyelashes Take To Regrow?

The initial query is usually always the same after figuring out the cause of your eyelash thinning or falling off. People are curious as to when their eyelashes will likely regrow. This is a reasonable worry and query, and after the root of the problem has been addressed, you may anticipate that your eyelashes will regrow in about six weeks.

Of course, this may vary a little from person to person, but several additional variables will affect this schedule. First of all, the steps you take (if any) to encourage the healthy and rapid restoration of your hair will determine how quickly it comes back.

However, the second element is beyond your control. Your particular eyelash growth cycle will determine the exact timing of your regrowth.

What Is The Growth Cycle Of Eyelashes?

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Our thick eyelashes follow the same development cycle as the rest of the hair on our body. The stages do not change even if various hair types go through them at varying rates. In contrast to the cycle of hair development for the top of your head, the cycle of eyelash growth is condensed.

This is because eyelashes are, of course, considerably shorter than other hair, and the whole procedure may thus be slightly condensed. The eyelash development cycle comprises three primary stages, and each is essential for maintaining a strong and thick lash line.

Once the underlying problem has been corrected and they may start to grow again, the rate at which your eyelashes regrow can also depend on what stage the bulk of them are in. Your eyelash hairs won’t all be going through the same phase at once.