Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Appointment – 2024 Guide

Eyelash extensions are hand-glued over your natural lashes and are semi-permanent. Lash extensions are individually adhered to your natural eyelashes, as opposed to strip lashes, making them far more customized and lifelike.

Permanent eyelash enhancement can last for a few months or until your natural lashes fall out, depending on how well you take care of them. Nevertheless, as they start to fall out, you can return and let the lash technician fill in the gaps.

Is it true that eyelash extensions ruin natural eyelashes?

There isn’t much proof that eyelash extensions have any long-term effects on the condition of your natural lashes. But, there is a very little chance that you might have a condition where your natural lashes start to fall out as a consequence of the steady weight of eyelash extensions.

Long-term lash damage typically takes years of poor application and maintenance to manifest. This is why you should visit only reputable and highly rated beauty studios.

Make sure your lash artist adheres to all disinfection guidelines, and don’t be shy about asking them to verify the fact that all necessary safety measures are being implemented.

What are the downsides of eyelash extensions?

As long as your technician uses the right techniques and materials, applying eyelash extensions is not risky at all. Question about the components of the lash glue they use before you leave for your treatment. If they claim that the adhesive includes formaldehyde, you must cancel the appointment — that’s a hard pass.

The best option is to find a studio that employs non-toxic glues, even though it can cost a bit more.

A license and a certification have quite different meanings as well. A person’s possession of a lot of qualifications doesn’t indicate the state or health agency has granted them an official license. Be sure the technician you encounter meets all the requirements because certain states need lash technicians to have specific licenses.

How much does it cost?

Depending on where you live, the cost of a whole set of lashes can range from $200 to $500. Also, as eyelashes develop and eventually fall out, you must return for fill-ins every few weeks, which might add an extra $50 or so, based on the number of new lashes you require.

The more fill-ins you have in between, the more lashes you’ll need to replace, and the more it might cost you. If you postpone the procedure, your lash artist might even decide to give you a completely new set of extensions instead of a fill-in, which will clearly be more expensive.

What size eyelash extensions to get?

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Your natural lashes’ length and thickness will determine the kind of lash extensions you can have. Ensure your extensions aren’t excessively thicker than your own lashes since wearing extensions that are too long or thick for your eyelashes might really harm them over time.

If all of this seems too complicated or overwhelming, don’t worry. A certified lash artist can assist you in choosing the finest lash option for you, as well as the type of material to use.

What are classic and hybrid extensions?

You should consult your tech to find the best solution for you when it regards the volume, twist, and length of the extensions. Your facial features, bone structure, and natural lashes will all be taken into account by a competent lash artist while assisting you in selecting a lash style.

Classic lashes often refer to a single extension that is joined to a single natural lash. The lash technician can create a flare lash or volume lash by adding more extensions to a single natural lash if you’re one for a greater volume.

In addition, your lash artist can blend the two with hybrid lash extensions by adding a flare where you want more volume and smoothing it out with single lashes.

What about wearing makeup for an appointment?

You should arrive for your treatment with makeup-free eyes and clean skin. It entails the complete absence of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face first since anything on your eyelids or lashes might interfere with the final appearance of your extensions.

“Don’ts” of lash extensions care

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Nowadays, a lot of this relies on the materials and techniques your lash artist employs. It used to be strongly advised against getting your eyelashes wet. However, some modern adhesive types do permit water exposure after one day since the appointment.

Always discuss the best aftercare instructions with your lash artist for your particular set of extensions, but in general, it’s best to avoid straining, pulling, rubbing, or using any kind of greasy product on your eyes area.

Is it even possible to shower with eyelash extensions?

Yes, but make sure to ask your lash artist whether you have to wait until the day following your visit. Depending on the glue your stylist uses, eyelash adhesives can set in as little as a day. It’s crucial that you treat your eyelashes gently and avoid getting any water on them during this period.

Generally, after receiving eyelash extensions, you can take a shower. After drying off, pat the towel gently below your eyes to gently absorb the remaining water.

And remember ‒ no rubbing, even a week after the appointment!

Is it OK to use mascara on eyelash extensions?

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It’s not usually advised to wear mascara with lash extensions since, when you try to remove it at the end of the day, the friction and makeup remover can potentially trigger your lash extensions to split. Moreover, mascara might make it difficult to clean your lashes by clumping them together in a single bun.

As long as you follow every instruction given by your lash artist, you’re in a good place. Treat your eyelash extensions well, and you’ll be rewarded with positive long-term effects.