How to Choose best Matching promise Rings – 2024 Guide for Couples

The promise ring is a piece of jewelry that couples exchange when their relationship is pretty serious, but they are not still ready for an engagement. Also, these rings can be a symbol of commitment but not only in a romantic way. Sometimes, the best friends are looking for a physical proof for their friendship and friendship matching jewelry seems like a great choice for that.

This type of ring can symbolize a relationship that is still developing, but it’s clear that it leads to something more serious. The rings have many meanings, including a promise for eternal love, showing serious interest, promising marriage and so on. It’s really important not to mix with engagement rings. When you decide to wear it, you also need to decide if you’ll buy matching rings or separate pieces that have strong meaning together.

What is the difference between promising and engagement rings?

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The first ones are given, which means that there is a strong bond between the two people, who will be ready very soon to take their relationship to the next step. These rings are not always high-quality and expensive. They can be cheap, but with great meaning for those who wear it. For an engagement, people expect more luxurious pieces of jewelry, but that’s not the case when it comes to the promising ring. It can be made of cheaper materials but still have beautiful meaning and the wonderful love story behind it.

What do I need to know before we buy them?

Matching promising rings symbolize that the people who wear them share the same interests and have a great relationship. You only need to find the right design that you both like the most and that is suitable for the occasion. Click here to find some exceptional ideas and examples.

Choose the material

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Promising ring doesn’t have to be very expensive. You can choose a cheaper option that is made of silver or another metal. You don’t want people to mix them with engagement ones. The jewelry should be a great fit for your style and taste of fashion and that is why you need to choose them together. You should be careful because cheap rings are made of low-quality materials and they may change their color or can cause an allergic reaction.

Which finger do you wear it?

Knowing that they are not a symbol of engagement, you shouldn’t wear them on the fourth finger. There is no particular rule that tells you which finger to choose, but many people wear their promising rings on the third finger, the left hand. Don’t mix it with pre-marriage engagement rings that you wear on the fourth finger.

What is the crucial meaning?

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The name suggests that the ring is a symbol of a specific promise made between two people who share the same interest in their relationship. This type of jewelry has a lot of meanings that are not always love related. Sometimes, best friends exchange them, promising that they will stay friends forever or something else. They symbolize love, devotion, and loyalty between two people who have a special relationship. Promising rings are a modern version of the pendants that were popular in the 90s, that you could break in a half and wear on a necklace with your best friend or with the high-school sweetheart.

When is the right time to buy a promise ring?

There is no written rule that tells you when do you need to buy it and what to do or say when you give it to your significant one. But, avoid them in the first year of the relationship, even when it seems that it leads to something more serious. The promise ring should be given when both of you are ready for commitment, but still not for marriage.

How to give the promise ring?

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Again, there is no particular rule for this type of commitment. You should wait until the relationship gets serious and choose a day that is important for you both. It can be your anniversary, Valentine’s day, a birthday… Just like an engagement, you should find the right moment and catch it. It can also be during a romantic dinner or your first summer vacation as a couple. Don’t make it look like a proposal. Sometimes, the idea should be shared, and not a surprise. But one thing is for sure, this is a really important step in your relationship and shows that you both have serious intentions and want to spend a lot of time together, creating your future.

What to do if we break up?

Even the strongest marriages are not immune to problems and divorces, so it’s not unnatural to break up with someone after years of dating. Every promise can be broken if it needs to be. But, what to do if you have exchanged promise rings? Our advice is to let it go. You can store it with your other pieces of jewelry or in some box, so you can forget it exists. It’s not a good choice to return it or ask the other one to return theirs to you. It also depends on the nature of the relationship and the breakup. Remember, this is not an engagement ring, so it’s easier to wear it as a piece of casual jewelry or if it reminds you of your ex and makes you sad, stressed and anxious, you can throw it out in the trash, if that makes the things easier.

When you are sure that your relationship is strong enough to last a long time (we don’t say forever, never mind how beautiful and romantic it sounds), put a ring on it. We hope that this short guide helped you to understand the roots of this tradition and the real meaning behind the promising rings. Now is your turn to use this information and see if that is relevant to your relationship. There are plenty of design choices that wait for you and your partner to wear them, you just need to find the right ones.