Features That Will Increase The Cost And Value Of A Diamond Ring in 2024

Whether you’re thinking about gifting a beautiful diamond ring to a special someone or you already have, the value of the ring is something that will come into play often. In the long run, it never matters how much or how little the ring is worth as long as the person wearing it likes it. However, when the topic of value does come into a conversation it always feels better to have a ring that was worth more. The person wearing the ring is worth the world to you so the value of the ring should reflect that in how much it’s worth. Many people find themselves wondering how exactly to increase the value of their diamond rings. There are a few different ways this can be done.


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The cut of the actual diamond on the ring is much more important than most people think. A well cut diamond is significantly worth more than a ring that is poorly cut. This is because a well-cut diamond will more easily allow light to penetrate the stone and bounce around perfectly for it to glitter.

If a diamond is cut poorly then light won’t penetrate the stone as well and it won’t glitter as well. This is all important because it provides visual value to the ring. The more visual value you can provide, the better the ring will look and sell. Under a microscope at a place like the jewelry stores at the Greene shopping mall, they will be able to look at the cut of a diamond and tell you how well it’s been done. Keep in mind that this is something that can’t be changed much. Once a diamond is cut it’s near impossible to cut it much more or again. The cut of a diamond is the first step in raising the cost and value of a diamond ring.


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The next step in raising the cost and value of a diamond ring is the color of the diamond. All diamonds have their own colors and some are more preferred than others. Typically, if a diamond has a good color then it will be as clean looking and clear as possible. The worse the color gets, the more the diamond will look foggy and unclear and will be worth less than a clear one.

When light enters a diamond with a high quality color, it can almost look like it’s dancing in the stone. You can see every sparkle the diamond has to offer. With the wrong color of diamond, it won’t be as clear or colorful as it would be otherwise. This is also something that can’t be changed. Once the diamond has a color, it stays that way because it’s part of the diamond’s natural appearance.

Take this into consideration when initially buying the diamond. If its color is a higher quality then the diamond will retain its value and even raise in value. If it’s of poor color quality then the diamond will lose its value and possibly even not be worth that much the moment after it’s bought.


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Clarity is the next when factoring in the cost and value of a diamond ring. The most important part about a diamond is how well light enters the stone and is projected. The more clear a diamond is, the more light that can enter it and the more light it can project to human eyes.

Some stones have imperfections like black dots or cracks that make them unclear to the eye. This means that when the light enters the rock, it can’t shine as brightly because of how much is in its way. The best thing to do is consider this when buying a ring. The jeweler will have a magnifying glass that you’re able to look through and see what the rock looks like before you buy it.

The jeweler will probably actually point out any imperfections before you can. This means that you can’t change how clear a diamond is after you buy it. The level of clarity will remain the same throughout that diamond’s life unless the unclear piece of the rock is cut away from the rest of the stone. Make sure you examine the clarity of the diamond under a microscope with the jeweler before you purchase it.

Ring Material

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Diamond rings can be made from a variety of different precious metals. It’s important that you research each metal before you actually buy a diamond ring for a loved one if you want to get one with the best value. Typically, yellow gold and platinum rings sell for the most money. Specifically, platinum rings are valuable because platinum is a metal that isn’t easily found and is worth more. Plus, it has a brighter shine to the metal than most other metals. After that comes yellow gold. Yellow gold comes in a variety of different karats.

The highest karat you can go is 22 karat but some jewelers don’t suggest that because gold is soft and that much gold in a ring could cause it to bend. Most jewelers suggest using 18 karat gold for the majority of their jewelry because it has a high level of gold in it but also has enough of other metals bound to the gold that it is solid enough and doesn’t break down. If you’re looking for a high quality karat of gold, 18 is probably your best bet.

Other types of gold are rose gold and white gold which typically aren’t as valuable as yellow gold because they aren’t as timeless. They go in and out of style. If you’re looking for a type of metal that is going to hold its value over time because it stays in style, yellow gold is the material for you.

Additionally, asking your jeweler about ring values and costs before buying will help you more easily decide which rings will hold value and which will lose value. Sonny’s Diamonds at The Greene shopping mall will be able to help you with that.