The Main Differences In The Effectiveness Of Social Networks And Professional Dating Sites – 2024 Guide

The superiority of dating sites over social networks

How many romantic love stories grow into something more or end with a wedding but have been started on social media? We will answer – there are not so many of them. And those that were started on dating sites and ended with happy family life? Dozens! Here is something to talk about! Such a difference is only because these websites have different purposes.
You would not think of going to an ophthalmologist with a sore throat, would you? And you do not go to the pharmacy for groceries either. So why is it surprising that social media dating is performing poorly? Let’s talk in detail about how social networks and professional online dating sites are similar and different.

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These resources have different goals

Each of these two directions of communication has been created a long time ago. But they are not just not «brothers,» they are not even «relatives» at all. Who do we usually chat with on social media? That’s right – with family, friends, classmates, fellow students, work colleagues, and even neighbors. Decently and nobly, exposing only permissible norms of behavior to the public. Family photos with landscapes of sea breezes and mountain peaks, children’s matinees, school holidays, corporate work parties.

We politely tell our friends about their success in school or at work. We are interested in the health of our relatives and expect the same from them. We know all these people. It does not matter whether it’s good or not, but we know them. At the same time, the singles on a personal dating resource have never met before. Here you can show yourself from a more advantageous side. Post more photos, allow yourself more relaxed communication and do not hesitate to tell only what you think is necessary. Why? Because modesty adorns a person only in real life and in virtual life – courage is the key to success. Nobody will condemn. Everyone knows why they have come on sites like SofiaDate.

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What about the time spent?

According to open statistical sources, it turns out that users of the social network Facebook spend only 17 minutes on the site. Communication is minimized, but there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself. This is great, but after watching the whole news feed, there is no time left for communication with other people. Yes, you can still have time to exchange a couple of phrases with your friends, but it’s definitely not enough for an interesting conversation with a stranger. And do not forget that strangers use social networks mainly for the same, so it will be difficult for them to find time for you too. So, most likely, you will simply not be noticed.

What happens on dating sites? Nothing distracts people from their main goal on professional dating sites – communication and getting to know each other better. The visitor’s rate and comment on photos send signs of affection to each other. And this is what you really need for effective dating. Of course, this cannot be applied to all dating sites — we are talking only about the audience of really high-quality resources, where really comfortable dating conditions are created. According to statistics, on average, each user visits the site 4 times a day, and the average stay there is 23 minutes.

As you can see, this figure is much higher than on social networks, and at the same time, there are many more opportunities to find a soulmate. All the time is devoted solely to direct communication. Simple, effective, beneficial.

The difference is in the manner of communication

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What do you think will be a stranger’s reaction from a social network to whom you offer communication? There are several options here:

Option one: he or she will think that you are a robot with spam and will block you.

Option two: decides that you are a little crazy because acquaintance was not included in his or her plans at all.

Option three: in a rude form, he or she will make it clear that communication with you is not interesting.

Everything should have its place. So social networks have their own. They have firmly occupied this niche, and your intervention there is completely inappropriate. The person you are trying to get to know may have been married for a long time, happy, he or she is absolutely satisfied with everything in this life, and your obsessive behavior can be regarded as bad manners. At the same time, you did nothing wrong; you just appealed to the wrong person.

A professional dating website is another matter. Here people are open to communication (that’s why they came here); they yearn for new acquaintances. They are pleased with the attention, so your courage and perseverance will be appreciated. Even if you are too shy, still send just some emoji; no one forbids it. «Here and now» is the main motto of a dating site. And the moderators have already created comfortable conditions for this. Therefore, you will not have to wait long for an answer, be sure – your future soulmate will definitely pay attention to you.

Checking and adapting site profiles

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What will be your reaction if a fabulous monster suddenly appears on your colleague’s avatar? Surely neutral. In social networks, the sites’ administration does not verify the authenticity of the uploaded photos, so the hero of any popular cartoon can safely decorate the user’s page.

That is why self-respecting professional dating sites have a large number of specially trained people on their staff who check the uniqueness of all photos added by users around the clock. There are only real photos of real people. Agree, it is very important to see real photographs of a person with whom you communicate and meet.

Now about the content of the questionnaires. What information about a person can be seen from a profile on a social network? Age, place of residence, education, and possibly a place of work. And nothing else is needed because there is no need to talk about his or her habits or character. Is this information enough to meet a new person, especially if it is assumed that everything will not end with simple correspondence? Of course not.

All the little things and nuances are important here: character traits, habits, food preferences, and finally, the purpose of dating. After all, from such trifles, the first impression of a person is formed. Each of us, deciding to register on a dating site, has already drawn an image of a future life partner and understands exactly what nuances he or she is ready to put up with, and which will never be allowed.

And now suppose that on a social network, someone did indicate such information about themselves. How to find such a person? It’s not real! Looking through millions of profiles is impossible. Another case is a dating site — here such parameters are initially included in the search. And if you want to get acquainted, for example, with women over 25 years old who only want to start a family in the city of Boston, you will receive a whole list of applicants for your heart in half a minute. The dating site’s administration understands what you are here for, and therefore creates the most favorable conditions.

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Specialized services

What tools do you use in social networks to attract attention? Posting your photo and waiting for your friends to appreciate it, and then, perhaps in the news feed, their acquaintances will notice it and also leave a comment. And that’s all you can count on. Of course, if the purpose of your stay on the site is only personal entertainment, then this is quite enough. But for acquaintances, it is not enough at all. On a dating site, the professional tools have been developed to instantly draw attention to your person of hundreds, or even thousands of people who are potentially interested in you! Moreover, all services are very easy to use, and their efficiency exceeds all expectations.

Social networks and professional dating sites do an excellent job with the tasks set for themselves. Still, their tasks are completely different. If you want to communicate with your friends from life, then social networks are a better option. But if you are pursuing the goal of finding the new love of your life, a dating site is your «best friend» here! Good luck in choosing your priorities and finding a soulmate.