5 Pros And Cons Of Online Dating For Marriage – 2024 Guide

In modern times, when people are focused on work and career, very little time is left for private life. This is especially difficult for singles, which is why an increasing number of women and men decide to meet their partners online. If we add to that the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will understand that in some countries it is impossible to go out in the city and traditionally meet someone.

Today, there are various dating sites, and many do so through social media. For more about that click here. In any case, it is necessary to be careful and choose a dating site carefully because we know that there are many scams and misuse of personal data on the Internet. There are many reasons for and against this way of dating a partner, and these are just some of them.

1. Pro: The choice is yours

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One of the biggest advantages of flirting over the Internet is that only you choose when and how to meet possible suitors. You are completely protected from people you do not want to get in touch with because your information is hidden. The system primarily asks you what kind of people you want to meet. In this field, you can highlight all your hidden desires and requirements. After that, the system selects for you those people who match your profile and introduces you to them.

Some options are definitely better than others so you want to be sure that you’re using a top dating app or dating site by looking at high-quality reviews by clicking here and reading more about it on Beyond Ages.

Con: False introduction

According to research, 30% of users of these sites use smaller or bigger lies. The lies on the internet are mostly related to physical appearance, age, financial or marital status. That is why you may meet a man who does not match what he told you about himself on the internet. That risk, however, always exists.

2. Pro: Excitement about the first meeting

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It’s not the same feeling to go on a date with someone you already know personally and with whom you’ve been in verbal communication and to go out with a person you’ve only met virtually. The euphoria around the first meeting is interesting and exciting. What we can single out the advantage of this type of dating is that even the shyest people, without any hesitation, can immediately say if they have not felt a well-known feeling in the stomach.

Con: Possible disappointments

Some people hide behind fake profiles, so you may fall platonically in love with that person and that you are completely surprised when you see that person live. Research has shown that more than 30% of people misrepresent themselves. These lies are usually related to physical appearance, age, financial and marital status. So, there is always a risk and we need to be aware of that.

You may idealize the person you are corresponding with too much, so you experience disappointment on the first meeting. Also, keep in mind that it is probably easier for that person to write or talk to you via video call than to stand face to face.

3. Pro: Online dating is great for practicing communication skills

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This is something you can learn a lot about yourself. Find out what your communication skills are when meeting new people and whether you can start and maintain a conversation. Even if you haven’t, you have more time to think, because online dating usually starts with texting.

Con: Escape into virtual reality

By the time, some people “get hooked” to meeting new people in this way to completely forget about the real world and the classic approach to other people. No matter what, stay involved in the real events around you and do not neglect the world around you.

4. Pro: Rejection in private

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No person feels comfortable when someone rejects them, especially in public. Public embarrassment is something you will avoid this way because the correspondence is private. So, no one will see, and you will not give the person on the other side the pleasure of seeing how uncomfortable you are at that moment – you will keep your feelings and reaction to yourself.

Con: Catfishers and con artist

Many people are unfamiliar with these terms, but it is important to get acquainted with them. It is mentioned that people often misrepresent themselves. Catfishers are that group of people who falsely present themselves and pretend to be someone else, while con artists are those who enter into communication out of interest, whether it’s money, sex, or something else.

5. Pro: You decide whether you want to meet someone or not

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In online dating, the advantage is that everyone holds the cards in their hands and determines whether they want to meet another person or not. Dating arrangements are usually very easy to reach.

Con: Dating can also carry risks

As much as the person you are corresponding with seemed exactly as you imagined, during the meeting you may realize that she is not the best choice for you. It can also happen that you don’t like it and that she sees in you exactly what she was looking for. This is the moment when stalking begins. It is therefore important that the first meeting is in a public place, that you are surrounded by people, and that you do not reveal some things about yourself – at what address you live and work.

Final thoughts

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The way the partners met is not important for the later development of the relationship, but it moves in a direction determined by the partners themselves. The issue of trust depends on the nature of the relationship, as well as the characteristics of the people involved in that relationship, their previous life experience, and slightly on the way they met.

There are no known objective indicators of the speed of marriage of people who meet online. Regardless of the way you meet, today the growing percentage of marriages lasts much shorter than, say, 50 years ago. The isolation of the marital union is growing, the network of family support is weakening, and the pressures for parallel success in the career sphere are growing. Unfulfilled expectations that falling in love will automatically lead to happiness and understanding result in disappointment and create the feeling that love is gone. What is missing is infatuation. Love needs to be forged, and it takes perseverance and faith in yourself.