Tips for Online Dating – How to Keep Yourself Safe in 2024

Staying safe is a must with thousands of people joining online dating sites every day. We couldn’t argue that the online dating scene is not a minefield. Very few dating sites will take the time to run a background check on each and every user. It’s not easy to remain safe. The first thing that crosses your mind is the emotional struggle you’ll have to overcome upon meeting someone new. After that, there comes a realization that in due time you’ll start dating a complete stranger. Not an easy thought to overcome. Luckily there are things to do and know to make yourself and the other party involved safer. For one, you can use the help of websites like, which can help you find as much as possible about the person you’re about to date. This should be a handy option as in addition to being unsure about someone who you don’t know; sometimes, you can’t even know if that is really them. Here are some online dating tips to help you if you want to be safe, particularly if you’re new to online dating.

Get Contact Details

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It’s so easy to bypass the stage of getting to know someone online, especially if this person is pushing for a face-to-face meeting. However, do not give in to the temptation and collect some basic information about them, even if it is just an email address or phone number. You need more to go on than their photo and user name on the site where you met. You need to know who you’re really talking to. Regarding photos – stay away from profiles with fuzzy or grainy pictures and from those with very little information. It’s not a sin to knock several years off, but some people are not who they say. Considering the times we live in, you can never be too careful, especially when it comes to online dating.

Follow Their Online Footprint

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It might be construed as snooping, but everything is fair game in the name of safety, so don’t feel bad about looking them up online. Comb social media and Google. It’s not too late to bail if you unearth concerning the information. This shouldn’t be too hard to do, considering all of us know how to use computers and smartphones these days. It’s not like you’ll be stocking them; it’s all about safety. You’ll be lucky if they feel and do the same. In the end, all that you want to know when in a situation when you are considering online dating, is who the person you’re about to meet is. All kinds of information, including names, personal info, and photos can be found all over the web about practically anyone.

Video Chat Your Date Before Meeting

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This is one of the best options you have before meeting in person, trust us. Thanks to modern technology, numerous applications allow you to video chat. We are talking of Skype, Viber, and FaceTime. It is easy to check a person’s identity by a simple video call and cast all doubts away. If you do this, there’s no chance that you’ll be meeting someone who is impersonating another person or trying to fool you any other way. This is yet another option that will allow you to keep yourself safe and avoid any potential trouble.

Know the Most Common Red Flags

Once you meet them, there will be certain things to look out for. These traits or habits do not put you in danger; they are rather an indication that you might not be compatible in the long run. The experts from tell us that you should never mistake chemistry for compatibility, either. This is why we have second, third, and fourth dates. The chemistry fades, but the personality traits remain, and these characteristics become more pronounced with time. Here are some red flags to watch out for.

Are they ranting against BLM or another movement as soon as you meet? Are they judgmental of someone or of a group of individuals? This might not bother you at first, but it will when they start getting judgmental of you. The same applies if they are disrespectful. They don’t need to be disrespectful of you for you to take notice. Insulting the waitress or the Uber driver is a sure sign.

Delete Them When in Doubt

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Something doesn’t feel right when you’re chatting. Irrespective of whether you’ve met in person or not, don’t be afraid to move on if in doubt. Deleting someone is as easy as meeting them. Nobody can force you to meet, even if you’ve spent weeks chatting. Don’t give them information that can identify you, like your skype or phone number, and keep all your social media profiles private. Psychopaths can pretend to be nice and accommodating for months on end. It’s rare to hit upon one as they are less than 1% of the world’s population, but you never know.

Drive Yourself or Take Public Transportation

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A carpool is a great option when you’re meeting your friends or dating someone you already know. When it comes to meeting a completely new person, you should not accept it under any circumstances. Always have this on your mind. The best route to take would be to either come via public transportation or in your own car if you have one. The main reason why you should avoid carpool is that you’ll leave yourself with little influence over have you’ll go on a date, and that a new person in your life is going to know where you live. If you drive your car to the date, the risks are lowered that you’ll encounter dangerous in an uncomfortable situation. You can go where you arranged to meet at the arranged time, but what’s even better is that you’ll be free to leave whenever you want.

Let Someone Know Where You Are

At least one person needs to know who you’re going out with and where you’re going. If you can, call them during the date to let them know how it’s going. If doing so is awkward, text them. If you feel in danger, try to let a server or the bartender know. On that note, never meet in isolated places, especially if you’re meeting for the first time. Meet somewhere neutral, like a café, restaurant, movie theater, or another public place. If there is the next date, choose a public place again. This goes for the third and perhaps even the fourth one. It’s OK to meet them for dinner at their place or invite them to yours after you’ve met seven or more times. They don’t need to know where you live before that. While on that subject, don’t agree to be picked up from your house.

Final Thoughts

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Most people on dating sites are honest and sincere in their reasons to join, and in the information, they give out. Yet, exceptions do exist, and you need to stay safe while meeting people. The risks you face are not only personal. There are financial ones too. Someone you thought was looking for love might try to appeal to your altruistic nature and ask you for money because they’re “going through a tough time.” Selling, fraud, and spam are among the risks. You’re always in danger when someone is masquerading as someone else.