How to Edit a Wedding Video Fast – 2024 Guide 

Editing wedding videos can be a frustrating, tedious job, especially if you are not familiar with how to do it in a way that would consume less time, but keep the best quality material. Although it is not a thing to be done in a fast way, there are certain things you can do to save you some precious time. Knowing how to edit in a way that preserves the quality without having to spend all day in front of your PC screen is a valuable asset to have and is not a feature that bestows many video editors.

Since we are talking about wedding video editing and how to speed up the process, one of the first things we should think about is the mere reason why we film in the first place. Namely, if you are filming a soccer match, the most important segment of the game to be captured is the potential goal. Surely, the game consists of many other segments, but there are the crucial ones that need to be recorded in order to present the things of utter importance first. On the other hand, the part of the ceremony where the newlyweds exchange their wedding rings should be the most important part of the wedding, therefore, excluding that part from your edited video would be the worst possible thing to do. Since a wedding is not at all as a soccer match, there would be much more highlights you should keep in the video, and, the funny thing is that the weddings are not that strictly time-limited, so the more time you film, the more time you will need to edit the material.

To edit wedding videos faster with Video Caddy, streamline the process by organizing and labeling your footage beforehand. Clearly communicate your editing preferences, such as desired style and music choices. Provide concise feedback during revisions and collaborate closely with their team to ensure efficient and timely delivery of the final edited wedding videos.

What we need to outline one more time is that the wedding is nothing like a soccer game, but there are things related to the way of filming that can be used as an example. Namely, you have noticed that various situations are shown from more than a few angles when the replay is played. That is possible solely because of multiple cameras covering the same area from different angles. Since you probably will not be working with that much equipment, positioning your working tools adequately will assist you in getting the things you want and know what to do with them, therefore, you will not end up with unnecessary shots you would have to remove in the later editing session.

In order to help you with the velocity of your edits, we have created the following list you would definitely find useful if you pay enough attention.

Make Sure You Create the Exact Plan of Your Operations and Stick to It

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This feature comes with years unless you pay attention to it earlier. Namely, you should start preparing for the wedding as soon as you can. This implies you know the place where the wedding will take place and inquire about the procedures planned by the organizers. Therefore, you will know where and when to position yourself in accordance with the protocol. Not only will this endow you with the best material possible, but you will also be left with fewer recordings to edit. When it comes to editing, there are useful online wedding video makers, functioning as a specialized wedding slideshow maker for your material and you can check it at

Use Shortcuts Much as You Can

No matter what software you use to edit your videos, mastering the program will definitively save you some precious time. Not only that, but you would be able to get the best out of your recordings and deliver a high-quality video without the need to improvise. So, when you find out about shortcuts for stuff like are the rewind, forward, play, pause, and other motion commands, you should learn them by heart. No matter how silly it sounds, but utilizing the benefits of keyboard shortcuts will save you serious time and make your work faster.

The Magnificent Three

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Divide the whole concept of the wedding into 3 whole parts. Namely, pre-ceremony, the ceremony, and the reception are all part of one wedding, but filming them separately could make your following job a less troublesome experience. Hence, you may edit each part on its own and later you can conjoin the three parts into unity. You can even make tricks with different music backgrounds indicating the transition from one part of the ceremony to another. Advisable is to do that in accordance with the newlyweds, just so you can agree with their taste in music.

Make Sure You Do the Hard Part First

Namely, every job has its enjoyable part and the other, less enjoyable segment. To ease your troubles, make sure you finish the segments you find less interesting first. Namely, this particular suggestion builds on previous advice. You can edit each of the 3 aforementioned segments one by one, or you can do the hard stuff first. The hard stuff implies watching the 3 recordings altogether first in order to know what you can recycle and what you may retain.

Do What You Know

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Editing videos is a branch of the software industry that continues to grow rapidly and multiple apps are promising unreal editing results being published daily. Yes, there are quality products that would enable you to perform better than others, but the key ingredient in editing the video perfectly is knowing your craft’s tools. Namely, you will get the most out of the software you are familiar with while investing in something that will give you the same thing that you already have seems to be a bad investment. Therefore, make sure you feel secure with the utilities you use and stay away from scammers who try to sell you what you already have.

No matter what level of proficiency are you at, these tips on how to edit faster will definitely help you improve your speed. Since this is a noble craft, it will always be time-consuming, but there are ways to speed up the game without having to deliver poor quality. Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions will be your new favorite helper when it comes to the quality of wedding video editing.