Engagement Rings 101 For Men: Three Essential Things To Know

Shopping for an engagement ring, especially for that fiancé-to-be who might have never bought a jewelry piece before, can be a very overwhelming process, not to mention designing a unique custom engagement ring for her. You can find many guides online, but you still don’t know where to start. Don’t be afraid; you’re not the only one who feels this way. This post lists three essential things to know before making your special engagement ring. Hopefully, we can help you take some pressure off after reading it.

First, Know the Stone She Wants

Normally there is at least one center stone on an engagement ring, and you have many options. Diamond is the most popular and probably the safest option for an engagement ring – 95% of women have a preference for dazzling diamond rings. If you have no budget concerns, I doubt your partner will say no to a big sparkling diamond engagement ring.

A shining red halo diamond engagement ring

However, if you still prefer a bigger diamond but for less money, consider a high-quality lab-grown diamond. A diamond can now be grown in a laboratory with advanced techniques and has the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The most important thing is that it is eco-friendlier and also budget-friendlier than natural diamonds. About 30% cheaper than mined diamonds.

What makes a lab-grown diamond special is that: you can’t choose the original source for a natural diamond, but you can for a lab-grown diamond. There are wedding jewelry companies that can turn the carbon found in your hair into full-grown diamonds.   Sunny Eden™ is one of them, a bridal jewelry brand specializing in creating one-of-a-kind diamonds for every love story. A diamond custom engagement ring made from carbon extracted from a couple’s hair is beyond ordinary. Love is beautiful. A diamond embedded with your code of life can be a perfect fit for an unforgettable proposal, marking the start of your meaningful future life together.

Another clever way to determine the perfect stone is by choosing her birthstone. If her/his birthday is not in April, you may also consider other stone choices than diamonds – or create a multiple stones engagement ring by using a mix of stone types. Some other stone options you can consider are:

  • Emerald: the birthstone for May. The lustrous green color represents love and passion, fortune, and wisdom.
  • Aquamarine: the birthstone for March. This blue beauty is associated with happiness and everlasting youth. It is also called the stone of courage.
  • Ruby: the birthstone of July. The fiery-colored gemstone symbolizes passion, courage, and endless love.

Second, Choose a Skin-Friendly Ring Metal

Why do I say skin-friendly? Statistics show that metal allergies affect approximately 15% of jewelry wearers. Unfortunately, many men ignore this important consideration when designing engagement rings. So finding a skin-friendly metal for your loved one is essential when choosing the ring material. You can choose from these four commonly used materials less likely to cause allergies.


Gold has always been the number one choice for making custom engagement rings. You can find multiple colors in gold, like

  • Yellow Gold: When it comes to yellow gold, it has always been in fashion. Engagement rings in yellow gold look stunning. The best part, yellow gold never loses its shine. So until and unless you don’t spill any rare acid or hot bleach on it, the ring will always look brand new.

An 18K white gold lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

  • White Gold: Another color that complements her beautiful fingers is white gold. It looks very similar to platinum jewelry but is much cheaper. It is an alloy with 75% gold, 25% nickel, and zinc.
  • Rose gold: Several jewelry options in rose gold will amaze you. Rose gold is a combination of copper, yellow gold, and silver. The base for it is pure 24-karat gold. Such custom-made engagement rings last much longer.


Platinum, with a natural white hue, might be the safest option for any sensitive skin. It’s a long-lasting metal, and the shine never wears out. It’s slightly more expensive than gold but looks much more attractive.


Unlike platinum and gold, titanium is lightweight but ideal for daily wear. It is also commonly used in wedding bands.

Stainless Steel

The beauty of a stainless steel ring is that it is corrosion and scratch-free. No matter how long she wears it, the body of the stainless steel ring remains intact.

Third, Think about the Design She Will Say “Yes” To

This might be the most challenging part, and you have to put on your creative cap. If you still don’t know where to start with the ring design, there are some classic diamond ring styles that you can get inspired from.

  • Halo: an eye-catching setting with a center diamond surrounded by a circle of small diamonds
  • Solitaire: a timeless style that features only one center stone
  • Three stones: also known as trinity rings or trilogy rings featuring three diamonds of any shape set horizontally in a row
  • Infinity: a sparkling design with diamonds in an endless circle

A bridal ring set with a brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring and a dazzling wedding ring.

Here Are Some Practical Tips for You When Considering the Design Style

  1. Ask her close friend or family members: If she has expressed interest in some specific design of an engagement ring, someone must know it. Find that person and get the answer.
  1. Look at her favorite celebrity’s ring design: don’t shy away from getting inspired by celebrities. However, celebrities normally have gorgeous engagement rings with huge diamonds or other rare gemstones that can cost a fortune.  The good news is that you can find more affordable alternatives, such as lab-grown diamonds, which allows you to make a celebrity-style engagement ring at an affordable price.
  1. Find a trusted jeweler: you may already have a lot of ideas and just don’t know how to make them come true. The best jeweler can work with your ideas, tell you what is possible and what is not, and work with your budget. Some jewelers can even create custom-made engagement rings and other wedding jewelry pieces.

Last practical tip for men – don’t rush. Take your time, do your research, and know your budget. It may take several months to complete if you want something truly unique and special like a diamond made from the carbon extracted from your or your partner’s hair. So make a plan in advance – it is not only about planning the engagement ring but also your big day, your proposal, your speech, and so on.

Best wishes for a happy engagement and a happy life!