Flower Delivery: 7 Tips for Sending Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Gifting flowers is one of the greatest ways of expressing your love or romantic feelings to your partner. Beautiful blooms always add meaning to your special day and can brighten up the day of your loved ones instantly.

However, due to certain circumstances if you are not able to spend this year’s valentine’s day with your partner then sending flowers through online means can be the ultimate option for you.

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When you think and decide to send flowers for Valentine’s Day to your loved ones, then it becomes very very important to take care of a few things before placing an order. You just can’t deliver any random flower without planning, it could affect your relationship. Tiny things make relationships strong and those tiny things can impact the relationships as well. The things that matter the most are

  • Your relationship with the recipient
  • What is the favorite color of him or her
  • Will they appreciate those gifts in small tokens
  • Or they will like more extravagant gifts

Red roses are considered as the traditional flower for Valentine’s day. It is obvious the color of flower you choose for you friends and other relatives will differ from the color of flower sent to a romantic interest. Your delivery arrangements should be curated and customized as per the choice preference of the recipient.

Considering the type of the relationship you have with the gifting person and his or her style, it is necessary to send a delivery which is unique and personal to you friend and your friend and loved ones.

1. Know your delivery dates

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If you wish to send non-seasonal flowers to your partner this year, then you must make sure to place orders as per your delivery dates. Generally, ordering a week before valentine’s day can help you get your flowers delivered on time. Most florists get orders in bulk during the whole week, therefore you must make sure to place your order keeping in mind the date you wish your flowers to get delivered.

There are two ways of scheduling a delivery. Either schedule it for in the morning to make your someone special can enjoy their flowers all the time from brunch to an after-dinner dessert. Or you can schedule it for early in the morning, so they can wake up to a fresh bunch of flowers in a bouquet to make it the first thing in the morning on Valentine’s Day.

2. Plan beforehand

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If this is your first time celebrating valentine’s day with your partner, then you must make sure to make this day the most memorable of all time. Ensure to know partners’ favorite flowers and the availability of the same in the market. Non-seasonal flowers can take more days to get delivered compared to seasonal ones.

You wouldn’t want to make your planning’s go in vain, thus make sure to coordinate with your florist in order to get them delivered on time. You wont be wanting to rush to the shop nearer to valentine’s day. Plan it way before the day comes.

3. Do research

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Each flower symbolizes a different meaning and purpose. You must choose flowers that resonate with your feelings or match perfectly with your preferences. The most common choice for most couples celebrating valentine’s day is the rose as it symbolizes love and affection. Nevertheless, you can pair roses with different flowers in a bouquet to add more meaning to your gift. You can also pair roses with your partner’s favorite flowers.

However, sometimes mistakes happen. The flowers won’t arrive the way it is shown in the picture on the site. Read the reviews and check whether the reviews are from genuine people or not. Get it confirmed from the customer care executives seated there at the office.

4. Whom are you buying flowers for

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On this special occasion, you would always want to choose the right flowers as per your relationship status with the person you wish to celebrate this day with. Whether you are planning to confess your feelings or celebrate your first valentine’s day with your spouse, you must opt for the flowers that suit your relationship best. If you are confessing your love and affection and wish to take a step forward together, then you must opt for pink or lush colour flowers.

5. Do picture-perfect arrangements

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Flowers arrangements can add aesthetic and appealing effects to your special day. As a matter of fact, delivering flowers with a vase or bouquet can help your partner preserve the flowers for a longer period of time. This way you will be able to keep flowers for a longer period of time and get picture-perfect moments with your loved ones.

6. Prevent the sniffles

It is always a wise decision to ask your partners about the type of allergies they have. Gifting flowers that can add to their allergies would definitely be one of the biggest letdowns on this special day. Make sure to read the description of the flower properly before placing your order online.

You can also ask questions to your florists regarding the same. Some florists are there in the market, who come upfront in asking the allergies type and preference but make it clear to the florist about the allergies with every tiny detail.

7. Handwritten card

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Flowers are always incomplete without handwritten letters or cards. You can write love poems or sweet messages that describe your feelings perfectly for your partners. A personal note can always leave an everlasting impression on your loved ones. This way you can make the day the most memorable day of your partner’s life. You can also place chocolates in your flower bouquets to bring an instant smile to their faces.

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Flowers are the traditional gift of Valentine’s Day, and nearly everyone likes to receive a bouquet of flowers to their home or office. Try to level up your gifting arrangements to another level by putting some creativity into it. You can go for creative luxury flower delivery. High quality florists are present there in the flower delivery industry. They have the special ability to transform simple bouquets into some customized works by incorporating more designs into the flowers.

If you want to be sure your delivery arrangements send the right message, fill it with a heart design with the recipient’s initials incorporated into the flowers. If you want to be more creative then try to use some trending ideas that are going on in the floral world.

Try to design it with the preference of your recipient. Some would like the classic romance style or some want to make it low profile but impactful. But design the arrangement considering the trending element to make your luxury flower delivery a memorable one to your recipient forever.