5 Tips for Sending Wedding Save the Date Cards

There is something magical about weddings, and it is one of these days when even the toughest people must show some emotions and even shed a tear. Of course, it is much easier to go to someone else ceremony and enjoy the day without the stress, eating tasty food and enjoying the party, but there is something special even about that stressful period when planning a wedding. Although for some, it can be a great way to show their creativity and make something unique and remarkable, others could have a lot of problems with organizing everything, and they will try to do that in the easiest way. Luckily, there are many tips that we can find online and learn how to stay calm and not lose nerves when thinking about too many things that should be done before that important date, and for those who are too nervous, we will start with the basics and help them make a decision about important things regarding save the date cards.

Why send them?

It might look unnecessary and even like bragging when someone decides to send both a wedding invitation and save the date card, but the truth is that they can actually be a great way to inform your guests in time, so they do not need to hurry with a decision whether to come and can reschedule all their obligation if they want to attend the wedding. In that way, they will know about the date much sooner before receiving the formal invitations, but if you want to be sure about the number of guests that are coming, make sure to send them an RSVP invitation instead of a regular one. A save-the-date card will provide them with enough information to decide whether they can come before the formal RSVP when they need to answer, which creates a win-win situation for both of you.

Create a guest list first

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The most important thing to pay attention to before sending save-the-date cards is to have a complete guest list before that and exactly know who you want to invite. The reason for that is pretty simple, as it is not okay to send it to someone who is not on the guest list and has not planned to be invited. It can cause an awkward situation, so it is always better to have a complete guest list before proceeding to notice people about the wedding. Of course, it could be a nice gesture if you decide to send it to someone who wants to come, but they cannot do it, as they can feel important and realize they matter to you.

Send them in time

It is important to mention there is no general rule when it is a perfect time to send save the date cards as each wedding ceremony is different, but it is important to send them in time, so all the guests can be informed and plan in advance. Sometimes the location of the ceremony requires more planning, and it is smart to send announcements even a year before and allow every guest to plan their trip to a certain location and get there in time. If we celebrate this important day in some venue that is accessible to everyone, it is enough to send save the date cards about six months before, and everyone will have enough time to reschedule their obligations and make that day perfect for us by showing up.

Provide necessary information

The whole point of save the date cards is to provide enough information for all the guests at our wedding, so they can plan their arrival and stay. Because of that, we need to take care to provide them with all the necessary information and avoid many phone calls, messages, and emails where we need to explain all the details to each of them, as it can be pretty challenging and time-consuming to answer to all of them. Regarding that, the save the date card needs to contain the accurate location, date, and time of the ceremony, and thanks to modern technology, we can even add the website with all additional info that can be useful to our guests. It is okay to skip the venue’s name and exact time when making this early announcement, as it should be the main part of the formal invitation, but mentioning the day and the city where the celebration will be held is a must.

Use the advantage of email

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Today we have many communication channels we can use to reach someone, and what is the best thing – most of them are free thanks to the internet. However, the email is still considered one of the most formal ones, and if we want to send a save the date card for free, the best way is to use an email. The main problem is if we have some old email address that the person we try to reach is not using anymore or the message that can easily end up in a spam folder without being read. Because of that, it is always necessary to ask for confirmation from all the receivers, so you can have enough time to reach people who have not read it by using some other communication channel.

Choose the best design

When it comes to designing save-the-date cards, it can be a real nightmare, especially for people who overthink all the time or those who are too undecided to choose just one of them. The great thing is that we do not need to match the design of these cards with formal invitations or wedding themes, as they represent only an announcement, so our guests can have enough time to plan their day. Besides that, to make videos of save the date invitations we can use an online tool that has pre-defined beautiful templates to create invitations effortlessly and in no time. Moreover, we can always choose between various already made designs or even upload our favorite photos and create a save the date card on our own. It will require less time than we expect, especially if we choose a reliable website, and if you are in need of a great one, visit here and create your dream save the date card in a few minutes.