How to Buy an Engagement Ring- Know About Some Dependable Tips You Can Count on

Getting engaged? Congratulations! We know you have a lot on your plate to make your engagement day a day to remember. And alongside many other essential plannings to do, the first chore on the list for you two is buying engagement rings for each other.

Your engagement is the first steppingstone toward a happy forever with your loved one. And the engagement rings are more like relics of the promises you both will make to each other. Hence, not just rings, you must purchase the “perfect rings” that add many stars to your memories. More information find here.

But what does a “perfect engagement ring” look like? Worry not. This guide will help you buy the engagement ring “made for you.” Follow these simple tips to make a smart purchase of an engagement ring.

8 Tips For Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

1. Set Your Budget


Undoubtedly, you have been reading as many “engagement ring shopping guides” as you can, at least to ideate the budget. And most of those will advise you to spend your two- or three-month’s salary on an engagement ring. And by now, you might have believed that the high estimate, the better the ring. But here we are to bust that myth. While buying an engagement ring, you must know about one thing- “pricey rings are the best” is a tactic created by diamond marketers and sellers.

What? Yes, you read that right. Hence, don’t have the misconception that you need to pay a fortune to buy the best diamond ring. Instead, you must determine your own budget by looking at your financial situation and the specific desires of your partner.

Remember, your engagement is the starting of a good life together. It must not be a costly process. When you buy an engagement ring that you can afford instead of buying an expensive one, you will be happier by reducing your financial stress.

2. Find The Style That Complements Your Partner

You can have specific desires while buying engagement ring for your partner. But it is equally important to know if your partner has their own style preferences. Though an engagement ring is unique, it is like any other jewelry piece. Therefore, looking at your partner’s other jewelry will help you know what designs they prefer- vintage or modern.

You can also talk with your partner to gain insight or be watchful about what they wear to collect clues about the type of ring they want. Talking with your partner’s friends and family can also be helpful. Lean on to people closest to your partner, like a best friend, cousin, or sister, to know if your partner has shared their preferences.

3. Select The Right Shape & Setting


When buying an engagement ring, the first step is deciding on the diamond’s shape. If you have already found out your partner’s personal preference, you can positively opt for that. But for your information, we want to tell you that from heart to oval, there are multiple shapes of engagement rings. Many people prefer classic round shapes, while others also have unique eyes for pear-shaped engagement rings.

Here is a simple tip while choosing a shape- always opt for the one that appears larger, like an emerald cut diamond ring or a marquise cut. These two shapes showcase the size better than other diamonds with the same carat weight.

Lastly, ensure that your diamond is secure in the setting and is not prone to chipping.

4. Balance The 4c’s

Before you buy an engagement ring, having a solid understanding of the diamond basics is necessary. That is why in every engagement ring buying guide you will follow, the mention of 4c is inevitable. Knowing about the 4c’s is the first step for buying a diamond engagement ring, and 4c stands for: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The global standard of quality assessment while buying diamonds allows the purchasers to compare one diamond with the rest.

4cs are:

  • Cut: You will buy an engagement ring once in your lifetime. Therefore, choose an excellent or ideal cut diamond. The cut is the primary decider of a diamond’s beauty.
  • Color: Buy nearly colorless diamonds, ranging from G-I. To your naked eyes, those diamonds appear just as colorless as those in the D-F range, but the cost will be far less.
  • Clarity: When seen with the naked eye, VS1 and VS2 usually offer the best value. Blemishes and inclusions are hard to spot at these grades.
  • Carat weight: Undoubtedly, everyone wants to buy a beautifully cut diamond, and very few people care about certain carat weight. But if you are determined about the grades for the other three c’s, we suggest you be mindful of the carat weight and purchase the largest carat that fits your budget.

5. Choose The Most Brilliant Metal


When picking up the suitable setting metal, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold are the four main choices. When choosing the metal, always choose the color that complements your partner. For example, choosing white gold would be excellent if your partner is likely to wear silver jewelry pieces.

If you ask us to recommend a metal that is significantly less expensive, it is always better to choose white gold over platinum. Apart from being less expensive white gold requires less maintenance than platinum.

The metals are mixed with other metals to make them durable enough for jewelry. Moreover, while deciding between 14-carat and 18-carat gold, remember that the difference is in their alloy composition. 14-carat gold has 58.3% gold, while 18-carat gold has 75% gold.

People prefer 14-carat gold for engagement rings as it’s cheaper than 18-carat. But 18-carat is always more durable. Anyway, that decision is your personal choice.

6. Get The Right Size

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Buying an ill-fitted diamond ring will make it harder for your partner to feel like it’s the perfect ring. Incorrect size means your diamond ring will need further resizing, and it can take another couple of days, depending upon the style of your setting.  It is always better to figure out the perfect ring size for your partner by measuring another ring in their jewelry collection.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Unique


Recycled diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds that are previously owned and have been put back in the supply chain. You don’t need to purchase a newly mined diamond or go after a pre-made setting. You can be totally unique by considering options like custom-setting or recycled diamonds.

Custom settings are widely available from many jewelers, including Intercontinental Jewelers. Another option for getting a personalized ring is to choose a colored diamond.

8. Get The Right Certificate

Buying an engagement ring is an expensive affair. Therefore, checking the lab certification on any diamond is always essential. The certificate will help you know that the diamond you are buying has all the essential characteristics, including cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The most reliable laboratory in the diamond industry is GIA. It provides reliable, accurate, and consistent grading of the 4Cs.

Buying a GIA-certified diamond means you can rest assured that you are receiving the right diamond from the vendor you are buying from.


Buying an engagement ring must be an enjoyable process instead of being hectic. And we are sure that the above tips will help you shop for your engagement ring without hassle since you will know precisely what you are looking for.

Want more help in finding the perfect engagement ring? Contact Intercontinental Jewelers, and the diamond experts will offer you complimentary assistance.