Paris the City of Fashion – 2024 Guide

Paris is considered the city of love, as well as fashion. The city is the abode to professionals who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs in fashion and related industries. If you want to make your debut trip to Paris and usher knowledge as a stylist, there are many events in which you should keep an eye. Check for more events from Paris at ladypopularstyle to match your schedule. After attending various events, you will be groomed in the area of your interest. Let’s see the category of events you may plan to visit while you plan a trip.

Less Off Octobre Rose:

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The Le Bon Marche river Gauche is an event celebrated by the women mainly, by October 31st mainly. In collaboration with the Estee Lauder France Group, Marie Claire group, and Ruban Rose associate this event happens to be an ephemeral space that’s dedicated to feminism. The entire task is about research on breast cancer and the introduction of selective products like lingerie and beauty ingredients. You may have the privilege of talking to a consultant for 15 minutes and then opt for a personalized skincare routine. Avail of the executive consultation, and get valuable suggestions for beautiful skin and dressing techniques.

Café cosmetics:

If you are planning to launch a cosmetic industry in the city, you must avail of entry to this event, Café cosmetics. In fact, you will understand a lot about how consumer behavior has changed, especially after the COVID era. Your knowledge of natural cosmetics will enhance and you will learn to strategize the launch of new cosmetic products. Your dreams of being an entrepreneur in the cosmetic industry will take a start after your knowledge gets enhanced. Book a consultation slot beforehand.

Masterclass massage with Darphin:

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The event is organized by three big corporate giants much known to the fashion industry. In fact, you will learn how to reconcile yourself with massage therapy from Darphin experts. Learn the origin and benefits of the Kinesio massages. The experts and stalwarts of the industry will listen to you an answer all your queries on naturally looking beautiful skin. Learn four techniques of Kinesio massage and the steps towards beautiful skin. Microcirculation, drainage, modeling, and eyes will be emphasized here in the module. Don’t miss this unique opportunity when the maverick of the industry steps into the city and ready to hear your questions.

Vide Dressing by Lyds Mode:

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Vide dressing is meant for people with a wide taste and wallets. This event occurs in the famous avenue, Parmentier. You will be awestruck to find a wide collection of clothes – vintage, designer, new, second-hander, and well as Parisian designer wear. The entrance is free and all you have to wear is a smile while entering. There is a plethora of sweet treats and you will find a cute, congenial atmosphere to spend the whole day. If you are an exhibitor, you would have to spend just 35 Euros for renting the space. Well, irrespective of you being the exhibitor or the visitor, you will see a wide range of smart fitting clothes, enough to fit your closet for the year.

Concours beauty contest:

If you want to make your name in the cosmetic industry, pay a visit to the Concours beauty contest, where you can get the best consultancy in the field of beauty and makeup experts. Get the best guidance from toxicologists, formulators, suppliers, and contractors. Apart from this, you will get guidance from the representatives of cosmetic labels that will provide you guidance in the form of legislation, and ultimately the creation of a cosmetic product. La Fabrique 621 is a contest where you can gain the support of a cosmetic incubator, supporting you for at least 6 months. If your project is not selected for financial and other support, you can always avail of the boot camp week to meet the experts.

Paris personal stylist Diploma:

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Are you obsessed with the fashion world and want to groom yourself as a stylist? Well, you can attend the four-day event conducted by FINY (Fashion Institute of New York) at the Paris campus. If you want to resume your career as a fashion stylist, blogger, or business owner, this will be the most desired chance to enhance your knowledge. The team of experts will guide you on how to fly high from retail sales to the highstreets of personal shopping. The four-day course will confer you a Personal Stylist Training Diploma and the integrities of working with your client. The modules that will get covered in this session are:

  • Palette construction and seasonal coloring
  •  Shapes of the body
  •  Personality and style of identity
  • Wardrobe edits for a capsule wardrobe and
  • Personal shopping

You will get on-hand experience and interact with love clients doing consultation and styling sessions.

Dlas Fashion Paris:

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The third edition of the Dlas Fashion week in Paris will be back in 2024 January. This fashion event will be the most coveted one where the creators will walk with the renowned actors and other fashion enthusiasts of the world. The general public is awestricken by the cultural diversity and talents.

Paris City fashion week:

The Paris City Fashion Week is celebrated at a five-star location, where the renowned designers along with their models flaunt their seasonal collection of fashion to the world. The event is organized by a coveted committee who invite world-famous fashion photographers, videographers, movie actors, and media to the venue. All the hype is about making the glitz and glamour of the event, the most happening in the city. PCWF conduct fashion tour thereby inviting consumers from all around the world, who can give a platform to the talented designers, makeup artists, and models.

Recycling old jewelry to new necklaces and bracelets:

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Come and enjoy the convivial moment where you and your friends can enjoy a session on how to make your own jewelry and dictate a fashion statement. This workshop is interesting and will teach you how to make new jewelry from old ones, thereby recycling old things.

There are a lot of things you can learn from these events and workshops. The art of makeup, fashion, jewelry designing, and personal styling can get the most comfortable platform of conceptualization and implementation.