Top 9 Questions About Engagement Rings Answered. Feel the Weight from Your Shoulders Lifted

When you think about getting married, one of the things that comes to mind is giving your spouse-to-be a beautiful engagement ring. It’s known as a token of love between two people wanting to be one in marriage. Today, an engagement ring is still important for several reasons. For example, giving a ring to your partner can make the whole marriage proposal official as it’s a symbol of love and commitment that you want to convey to the love of your life. Also, putting an engagement ring on your partner’s finger allows you to conform to tradition.

With all these things being said, engagement rings will always remain an important element of love and marriage. Hence, if you’re looking for the best ring for your loved one, conducting thorough research about your options is important. With many types and designs available in the market, choosing which one suits your partner’s fingers perfectly can be difficult.

But to save yourself time and energy, it’s important to know that diamond engagement rings from providers like Dracakis and other similar companies can be considered one of the most popular options today. Diamonds are immortal gems which have become the best symbol of intimacy and union, making them a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

On the other hand, knowing everything about diamond engagement rings is important if you’re shopping for one for the first time. To do that, continue reading this article to learn the answers to the top questions about engagement rings.

1. What Diamond Looks Biggest?

One of the first things to learn about diamonds is that their size is more than carat weight. It is determined by the carat, cut and shape (the latter notions should not be confused). Shape refers to how the diamond is perceived (as a square, oval or rectangular, etc.).

Meanwhile, the cut refers to how the gem was carved (narrow or deep, with or without imperfections). Go for a slightly shallower cut to give your stone more prominence.

Naturally, the bigger the carat, the bigger the look and the higher the cost. However, you can get a beautiful giant diamond without breaking the bank. Many people underestimate the significance of stone’s form and end up splurging on a tiny round, barely seen by the naked eye.

Before heading to the jewelry shop, mind: diversely shaped diamonds of the same weight create different impressions. Traditional brilliants that boast the most sparkle are rather small in size. If you favor pompous proportions, consider purchasing a fancy shape instead. With the widest diameters, shapes like oval, pear and marquise become the most noticeable. Their elongated silhouette does the trick and multiplies the surface area.

2. Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds More Expensive?


Although eye-clean solitaires are a classy option for many couples, salt and pepper diamonds have been gaining traction over the past few months too. Nowadays, newlyweds desire something different and the enchanting mix of white and black falls under the criteria.

Nearly all diamonds have some blemishes. In most cases, they are invisible and can only be picked up by a professional. With salt and pepper diamonds, these blemishes are big and bright. Nevertheless, they don’t spoil the overall appearance; they complement it uniquely.

It’s no wonder the silky speckled look began to attract the attention of buyers. Most of them believe these accessories to be expensive. In reality, however, things are opposite. Salt and pepper diamonds generally cost less than their seamless white cousins. Furthermore, they come in just about every shape and size. If your special one yearns for a modern and smoky diamond, salt and pepper is a neat pick.

3. Which diamond cut is the cheapest?


We’ve compared the diamonds of the same carat weight, color and clarity grade and got the following scale:

  1. Round brilliant
  2. Oval
  3. Cushion
  4. Pear
  5. Radiant
  6. Emerald
  7. Asscher
  8. Marquise
  9. Heart

As you can see, the heart diamond is the cheapest. The average price for a VS2 clarity, G color and 1.0 is $5,536. Almost 30% less than for a round with the same characteristics. Faceted to show brilliance, it will be a befitting gift if you want to save money and focus on originality.

4. Which Diamond Cut is the Most Expensive?

A round diamond is fairly called the priciest stone on the market. Sixty per cent of the raw diamond is cut to create a harmonious shape. It is also the most sought-after engagement accessory. 75% of all diamonds sold across the globe are round brilliants. High demand drives the market value, and as the carat weight increases, prices skyrocket.

5. Which Diamond Cut Holds Its Value?


When calculating a diamond’s price, one should weigh the shape and cut. The cut quality affects more than the stone’s shine. A poorly cut diamond will seem dull and lose its value eventually. Choose an excellent grade if you want your ring to stand the time test and consider purchasing a round shape since its exquisite faceting is scarce and durable.

6. Which Diamond Cut Has the Most Sparkle?

Like ads and movies suggest, round brilliant possesses the unsurpassed “she said yes” sparkle. Its fine faceting allows maximum light exposure that other step-cuts can’t rival.

7. Which Diamond Shape Is the Best?


If you are looking for the best, publicly acclaimed diamond shape, we’re going to stop you right here. All forms display unparalleled qualities and send different messages. Don’t go searching for a fan favorite (though we’ll admit it’s a round brilliant); opt for the one that speaks to your heart and matches the wearer’s personality. The standard shapes of diamonds are round, princess cut, oval, cushion, radiant, asscher, marquise, pear and emerald. Why don’t you explore them on GS Diamonds website? It’s a solid start for your “perfect ring” hunt.

8. What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy Diamonds?

It is no secret that timing is a key aspect in shopping for an engagement ring. Throughout the year, there are several sales when you can find a flawless diamond for an attractirice. We’ve described major festive periods for price-conscious couples:

Black Friday


Black Friday is the number one event on every sales list. The first Friday after Thanksgiving is a time of enormous discounts in many countries. Big blowout sales extend to the jewelry industry as well. You can expect low prices on the entire inventory (collections or individual pieces).

Cyber Monday

If you are thinking of selecting a ring, do it in November (no month can beat it). Black Friday stays behind, making a path for Cyber Monday. With winter holidays ahead, November is ideal for savoury deals, so buy sparkly merchandise for less.

Christmas Holidays


The holiday season certainly overflows with tons of discounts, and the competition gets heated as ever. Jewelry stores do their best to lure in clients. All cards are on the table with the screaming posters, unimaginable price cuts, and excellent quality.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a greatly commercialized holiday. All men are scouting malls in search of brilliants for their dearest. If you jump into the rush at the right moment, you may economize 30 %. And let’s not forget love’s in the air. When, if not on a sacred day, propose with a magnificent engagement ring?

Mother’s Day

In the spirit of holidays, we should also mention Mother’s Day. Even if you don’t feel like gifting your piece of jewellery right away, you can take advantage of the big sale and get a present for the upcoming anniversary, birthday, etc.

Mark these days in your calendar, and you are bound for success.

9. What Setting Makes Diamond Look Bigger?


There are numerous settings on display for hungry customers. Each mounting serves a specific function: it gives a vintage-inspired or contemporary theme, adds more sparkle, masks flaws or increases the size. If your partner has already expressed her wish for a hell-of-a diamond, or you feel in your gut, she’ll appreciate extra glow, halo and pave mountings are up for the challenge.

The first one flaunts a ring of small diamonds that blind with their brilliance. Can’t outshine the number. The second mounting features a central diamond flanked by two stones. Basic math: three big stones are more glittering than one. Hurry up and check the astounding collection at GS Diamonds – radiance seen from across the room!