How to Start a Wedding Blog in 10 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

A wedding blog is an online diary of the future brides or those who are interested in organizing, inspiring, and sharing exceptional ideas with the women who will soon wear the white gown, and say “yes” to their loved one. Sometimes, they want to find the most inspirational ideas online, in one place, and having a blog that covers it all should be your priority.

Sometimes, opening a new blog is equal to a homework assignment, and it’s not really hard, but you can always go for online help on TFTH and similar services that can help you connect to the experts and ask for advice. No one should be ashamed if they have a business idea, but don’t know where to start – that’s why they can always approach those who already know more than them, even when the topic is weddings, wedding plans, engagement parties, and choosing venues for that particular moment.

And if you have a blog, you probably want to use it to place ads and earn some money from it. And it’s completely possible if you have the right approach, which means you will have to pay attention to the design, color schemes, and of course, the content. Monetizing your ideas is not something new. But, maintaining good content is something that can take a lot of time, so you can really use some help at the beginning, until you get the right routine, and find the most optimal frequency of posting. Using help services like TopAssignmentExperts or EduWorldUSA is also an option, as long as you are open to paying for that as needed.

Understanding what is a wedding blog

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When we first hear the word “blog”, we usually think about those who run online diaries about everything that comes to their mind. And it sometimes can be their safe place, where they can write whatever they feel, and then proceed with their life. In recent years we learned it can be a full-time job, that requires a lot of time and effort, and of course, advanced skills and knowledge, so the blogger can make consistent content that will be attractive enough to their target audience. The success doesn’t come over the night. But, for those who are serious and dedicated, it can become a source of income, that will pay their bills and put food on the table.

The most important thing is, of course, the content and consistency. Sync it with social media. As you build your blog, you may also want to add your Facebook page, Instagram profile, or even Twitter account, but also other social media platforms that are very useful for inspiration, as it’s Pinterest, and of course, TikTok for short videos.

The crucial thing at this point is to be creative and authentic. Knowing the secrets of keyword research and SEO will only help you to do things faster, with instant results.

But, let’s go step by step, and we will get there

1. Choose the right platform to host it

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Since blogs are not real websites, they have a different concept, and that means you don’t need large server space, so you can use the provider’s cloud storage. For example, every provider will allow you to open a blog for free, for example, WordPress, as long as you want their name in the blog’s URL. If you want it removed, you need to buy the domain name you prefer. Sometimes, these platforms allow you to pay small fees and get some nice designs that are appropriate for online diaries and shiny and girly types of blogs. They come with free themes you can also additionally adjust with the colors and fonts, for a luxurious and elegant touch – as a wedding blog should be.

2. Focus on a specific topic

We know that you want to write about weddings. But, what exactly? You can split the content into a few categories, so the visitors can easily navigate through it. But, remember, you are the one who gives them a direction. You can blog about your personal experience and run a diary for your marriage journey. Or, you can focus on wedding dresses, list all the known models and shapes, and of course, leave useful links so the visitors can easily find the boutiques you recommend. You can even share your experience with buying your dress, prices, budget plans, and other important things every bride takes care of.

3. Who is your target audience?

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This is a very specific thing to decide. The simplest way is to create an imaginary person who spends a lot of time on your blog, exploring it, and using it as a resource for their wedding. Is that male or female? What’s the age range? What are their main interests? Are they interested in your services, or they want to offer a collaboration? By creating this persona, you will be able to successfully target your visitors and potential clients, but also people and companies who will help you build a product that is relevant for the audience. Recognize what they are looking for. Follow the dashboard, and see their search terms. That’s one of the ways to create relevant content, that you can make even more attractive by adding images and videos.

4. The average length of a blog post

You have to learn how to write catchy titles so you can attract more audiences through search engines and social media. According to the experts, an average blog post should be around 300 or 500 words. Long posts aren’t good for the concept, because people who read blogs aren’t into long texts, since they don’t really have time for that. Keep the descriptions and explanations short and clear. We know that you have a lot of things to tell, or even elaborate on the menu that was offered to you at some restaurant, but keep the things simple. Those who really need the wedding blogs are people who are in a hurry to organize their event as soon as possible. So, be quick when explaining. You will save a lot of time but won’t risk becoming boring to the readers.

5. Write about what you know the best

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In the beginning, you will want to cover every possible aspect of the weddings, including restaurants, boutiques, organizers, dresses, bouquets, food, churches, and so on. But, the best practice is to write about the things you already know. Share your experience with the audience, and even let yourself be a little emotional while doing that. People want to read artistic writings and fairytales, but they also want to hear about the real feeling and raw emotions you have as you plan the wedding. Run some polls, ask them about their suggestions or preferences in some specific case. You will be surprised how ready are they to share their experience and help someone in need. As things go by, new brides will approach you to ask for your opinion on something. And that’s a magical circle of people with similar wishes and dreams to help each other. Just write about the things you already know, and you won’t get anything wrong. You can do that, and we believe in you.

Pro tip: Writing on your own will help you save time on researching and digging deeper into some topic. But, surely, sometimes it’s completely worth adding some relevant references to the blog posts, especially if you share something important, not just your personal opinion on something.

6. Use relevant photos and be careful about the copyright policies

When creating something that authentic, it’s always good to use authentic photos too. You can take pictures by yourself, or ask the copyright owners if they let you do that. Some photos don’t have a privacy license, which makes them free for use until further notice. But, just searching through Google and downloading the most beautiful shots is equal to the crime.

That’s why there are plenty of royalty-free services that can be used to find exceptional and quality photos you will use as illustrations for your content. If you find something on social media, avoid downloading it. It’s always better to embed it, since most of the commercial platforms are allowing you to do that, instead of illegally downloading it, and then uploading it to your blog. Sometimes, the choice can be pretty limited, and you will need to be very creative in combining the photos you have, so you can avoid using the same one all the time.

7. Create a bunch of posts and then schedule them

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This is maybe the most useful trick you will learn today from this article. Most of the influencers post daily, and your colleagues’ bloggers also do that. And maybe you are asking how they have enough time to dedicate to creating unique posts. But, the secret is very simple. They create a plan, and work on the content once a week, for a few hours. Choose the day when you have as many spare hours as you need to dedicate to something that is not your usual job. Throughout the week, write down the ideas you have, collect useful links and save the photos you want to use. When that day comes, sit down and create all the posts in a Word document. Then separate it into smaller portions, and now you have a whole batch of posts you can schedule through the editor platform, and edit it just the way you want.

8. Everything can be an inspiration

You had an important conversation with your spouse? Your friend shared some useful tips? Your grandma gave you the most important, but still funny advice about marriage? Even if you are not a bride, you can be an expert in this. It’s really enough just to be interested in this niche, know a lot about it, and have a wish to do this. You will be surprised how some everyday things can turn into inspiration about your blog. Here are some of them:

  • Best fragrances for grooms and brides
  • What the colors on wedding decorations mean?
  • Is it OK not to want to wear a white wedding gown?
  • The best first dance songs for couples
  • What types of food not to serve on your wedding day?
  • The symbols behind different types of flowers
  • Where to find the best stylist for my hair?
  • How to deal with the boring relatives who want to teach you a lesson?

Do you see? There are a lot of things brides and young girls want to read. And these are only a few examples of how to get an idea for an interesting blog post today or this week.

9. Contributors are life-savers

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You can let your readers contribute with their knowledge and experience. Or, you can allow the comment section, and get inspired by their experience in general. These people will help you create an exceptional product with a little effort. You will need to sit down every now and then and read through the messages, comments, and contributor’s posts, and then complete the new posts for the next week. It’s not easy, but if you want to earn from your blog, you have to do that.

10. The power of social media by your side

Facebook is full of relevant groups and pages, and of course, you should create one for your blog too. Instagram profiles are a good way to promote your product or service, or even collaborate with similar profiles, or just support them, so they can support you. If you are familiar with the video concept, then you can go for TikTok. The real power of boosting your wedding blog is there. You only need to know how to use it.

So, here they are, our 10 useful tips on how to start and successfully run a wedding blog. We hope you find most of them useful. Maybe one day you will be able to share your work with us, or maybe we will become your clients or collaborators. Just be ready for all these things, and deal with them like a pro – the success will anyway come to you right after that.