A Look at Some of the Most Unique Men’s Suit Patterns Out There

As men, we tend to not take our suits seriously. In fact, many of us feel that most of these suits are pretty much made equal, and you just need to look for quality and the right colors.

However, there’s more to a suit than the quality of the fabric or the color. The pattern of the suit is one of the most important factors in what kind of appearance it can offer to you.

And regardless of what you think, learning a thing or two about some of the common suit patterns for men is going to help you build a much more stylish and versatile wardrobe. So let’s jump in.

Pinstripe Suit

Source: garrisonbespoke.com

Pinstripe suit is a very different type of suit. It once used to be known as the banker’s uniform, but after making a comeback in a modern form it has transformed into a much more universal yet unique men’s suit over the past decade.

If you want to make a statement at an important event, there’s probably no outfit that’s going to serve you better than a pinstripe suit like the ones you can find at FlexSuits. It’s a powerful suit and helps you look at your best.

However, make sure you don’t wear it too often, as it’s easily noticeable and you won’t want to repeat it frequently. Similarly, you would want to have at least a few other suits before going for a pinstripe.

It also means that a pinstripe suit, although a great option for important events, is not an ideal choice if you’re looking for your first suit.

Windowpane Suit

Source: universaltailor.com

Windowpane suit is another type of men’s suit that’s different than your usual classic black suit. It has thin and slim lines making up something like rectangular or square shapes. They are a very popular pattern of men’s suits.

Windowpane suit not only bring more elegance to the table than other types of suits that are fit for formal wear, but they are also a much better option for slimmer guys. The right windowpane suit would make you appear bulkier, which can definitely add to the overall personality of a slim guy.

In fact, if you’re a slimmer guy, a windowpane suit may turn out to be a better choice for you than a pinstripe suit. Both are somewhat similar though their pattern is quite different, but they both have an elegant look and feel and help you make a statement easily.

Sharkskin Suit

Not the most popular of men’s suits but it can make a great addition to your wardrobe all the same if you put some thought into choosing the right one based on your style preferences. In fact, it can be a much better option than something like a pinstripe or windowpane for informal events.

However, there are some myths related to sharkskin suit that we need to bust. First, sharkskin is not a color but a fabric.

Second, it isn’t all shiny and distracting as they actually used to be in the past. Sure, you do find the shiny sharkskin suits if you want but you have many other, less “obvious” options as well.

Now, coming back to the fact that sharkskin is actually a fabric and not a color, it’s a natural fabric with a two-toned, smooth texture. The ones made using a fabric that includes wool come out much better quality and with a great look and feel.

One good thing you may want to note about these suits is that they are quite versatile. If you want one for an event like a wedding, those shiny sharkskin suits are going to be a great fit.

However, if you’re after something more subtle that you can wear to your office and perhaps even to board meetings, then there are these more modern sharkskin suits that serve that purpose just as well too.

Plaid Suit

Source: dmarge.com

Plaid suit is not unpopular but surprisingly, not many men understand what exactly it is and how and where to wear it. Just like some of the other patterns we discussed above, plaid is also one of the more unique types of suits you will find out there.

However, plaid suits are also some of the most versatile suits you will ever find. But before we talk about that, let us tell you what exactly a plaid suit is.

A suit that has box-like structures made up of threads sewn into different shapes and widths is quite simply a plaid suit. This precise concept and idea of plaid suit is what makes it so unique, but it also makes it quite versatile.

The versatility is because it’s usually a great fit for almost all types of occasions and events, be it formal or informal. There are few types of suits we can really say this about.

However, a plaid suit does look better in the day than the night, although that shouldn’t be a reason to not sport it to occasions held in the night as well. Similarly, these suits are a great option for all seasons, all round the year.

One of the things we love about these suits is that they come in a very natural look yet give you a great appearance. Unlike some of the other types of suits we discussed above, a plaid suit can make you look just as handsome but without being loud at all. Now that’s a solid outfit advantage right there.

Finally, if you’re looking for a business suit that are something different than those usual boring options, a spiced-up solid black or blue plaid suit is going to hit the spot for you perfectly.

Check Suit

Source: gq.com

The check pattern is actually the father of the windowpane pattern. In other words, windowpane is also a type of check pattern, although it’s slightly different from the ones some people would truly consider a check pattern.

Just like windowpane, a check suit has vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other to create square-shaped boxes. Depending on the suit style, the size of these boxes can vary greatly.

And this is why you have a huge range of check suits to choose from.

So that’s all from us. A bit of an understanding of these different men’s suit patterns would go a long way in helping you choose the right suits based on your personality and style preferences.