Average Bridesmaid Dress Cost in 2024

When the wedding comes, there are hundreds of small things that the bride and groom worry about, from the choice of the restaurant to the choice of the wedding cake. However, it should be also noted that the choice of the bridesmaid dress is also a difficult one since bridesmaids would be the ones who will be by the bride’s side all the time and who will be present on most of the photos. In order for them to look nice, they would be dressed well. However, choosing a bridesmaid dress is not always an easy thing to do and there are literally hundreds of options with various prices. So, what does the average bridesmaid dress cost?

The factors

First of all, it should be mentioned that the cost of the bridesmaid dress depends on various factors. To begin with, the cost of this dress depends on the fact where you would like to buy it, i.e. if you would like to buy it in a fashionable and branded store or if you would like to have them made for the bridesmaids.

Img source: catrinasbridal.co.uk

Secondly, the quality of the material also plays the role, the better material and a more quality one chosen, the more expensive the bridesmaid dress would cost. If we add the fact that there are also numerous accessories needed, the cost of the dress becomes even higher.

The cost

According to various studies and theories, the average cost of the bridesmaid dress is 142USD. However, if we include the accessories and all the things that the bridesmaid needs to have, such as makeup and jewelry, the average cost of the bridesmaid dress is 197USD. It should be thus concluded that the real average cost of the bridesmaid dress is at about 160-170USD.