Average Number of Bridesmaids in 2024

Brides who are actively planning their wedding party should always remember that it is their own big day and that they are the ones who set the rules together with their groom. This then also applies for the number of bridesmaids you want to present next to you at the altar. So what is the average or the right number of bridesmaids this year, and what do the brides decide regarding this important part of their wedding day?

1. There is no right or wrong number of bridesmaids

You should never listen to those people who tell you that there is a sweet spot for things, nor should you have to absolutely stick between the general and average rule of between 5 and 10 bridesmaids. No two weddings are the same, because no two brides are the same. However close and dear friends you have, that many of them can stand next to you. Ladies often pick their sisters, cousins, and best friends. Since family members and friends vary drastically from person to person, how can we expect that each one has the same number of dear people worth being next to them on their wedding day? Simply go with what you like and stick with your gut feeling. There is no doing right or wrong here.

2. You do not have to have the same amount of attendants as your partner

Img source: easyweddings.com.au

Many couples decide to do the aesthetically pleasing thing and pick the same number of attendants. This does look good and perhaps better to the naked eye, but if it is forced, then it is not real. What if you simply do not have that many close people you want next to you, or if you have many more than your spouse? You cannot rely on this, as people will either be left out or someone not close to you enough will get the spot.  It does not matter if it looks uneven, as long as that is the real amount of people both of you want up there with you on the biggest day of your lives together.

3. You do not have to pick someone you do not want to

Why would you even do this? If someone is simply not a close enough friend or family member, you should not pick them as your bridesmaid to please others. Nobody can or should make you do this. Being in this role is an honor and a commitment, earned through the years of closeness and a relationship you do not share with many people. Similarly to the last issue, do not add or cut anyone who does not or does deserve it.

4. It is perfectly okay to have zero bridesmaids

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Although it sounds strange, this really is the case. If you simply are not close with anyone enough for them to be beside you when you say “I do”, you do not have to pick anyone.  Do not crack under the pressure from family and friends. Remember that you make the decisions and that you are in charge. The feelings of some might get hurt, but there is always a good reason for an important decision like this. You will have a wedding you want, and if nobody is deserving of the spot, that is hardly your problem. You can still invite them to your bachelorette party, after which they mill mind you not having bridesmaids much less.

5. Remember that it is your wedding

We do not want to state the most obvious thing, but we wish to end on the most important thing after all. Your wedding day is the culmination of the great time spent in a relationship with your significant other, and the start of your real lives together as one. Whether you choose 2 or 22 of them, it should be what you, and only you, really want. As long as those next to you are the ones you want there, you should not have anything to worry about. Even if that means you and your spouse are alone during the big moment.