Average Wedding Cost California in 2024

Many people are not aware that planning a wedding may actually be one of their worst nightmares. This may sound cruel but it is actually true. There are plenty of things that need to be done and we should also mention that the problems occur when they actually should not. When people start planning a wedding, they actually do not have the clue how much it would cost and what things are needed for it to be successful and to look nice. We would try to find out what the average wedding cost in California is.

The factors

So, the average cost of a wedding in California depends on a lot of factors. First of all, the choice of the place where the reception and the wedding would be held influences the price, i.e. whether it is a fancy and luxurious restaurant or something more modern. Also, the choice of the menu and the catering company are very various and the more you want, the more you will need to pay. The choice of music and a band is also an important factor since the prices vary depending on the band you want. It should be also noted that the price of flowers and other decorations have an impact on the overall price just as the cost of the bride’s wedding dress and groom’s suit.

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The average

It should be noted that weddings in California are a bit more expensive than in the rest of the USA. The reason for this is the higher standard of living than California has in comparison to other states and we should also mention that it has far more venues on different and various locations for this. So, what is the average cost? If we are talking about California, we need to mention that the average cost of a wedding there is at about $31,000. However, this number can be significantly higher or smaller, depending on your preferences. If we are talking about different parts of California, here are the average costs:

California (Central) – $24,960

California (LA) – $36,890

California (Orange County) – $36,745

California (Sacramento) – $36,990

California (San Diego) – $37,599

California (Santa Barbara) – $47,252

California (SF/Bay Area) – $39,475