How to Build a Jewelry Collection You Will Always Love

Building a jewelry collection is a dream for all women, but it is often easier said than done. Stunning pieces crafted in precious metals and embellished with authentic gemstones often come with hefty price tags. Such items can be out of your budget, or you may take years to save up enough to buy them. Moreover, choosing the perfect ones for your collection requires a lot of thinking and research.

After all, you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on pieces you may never wear later. It is crucial to invest in the ones you love enough to appreciate and wear for a lifetime and bequeath to your loved ones as an inheritance. Fortunately, you can pick and choose wisely with only a little research and guidance. Here are a few actionable tips for building a jewelry collection you will always love.

Start with a realistic budget


Budgeting is perhaps the most crucial aspect of building a gorgeous collection of precious jewelry. Such items can cost a fortune, so you must plan wisely and time your purchases according to your capacity. You cannot own everything you want, but you can definitely plan a realistic budget to create a collection worth flaunting. Create a wish list, and start saving for it to acquire the most-wanted pieces one at a time. Opt for a yearly purchase by setting aside a specific sum in a separate savings account for jewelry shopping. It is a wise way to splurge on everything you want without going over the top, so you do not have to feel guilty about spending big on your collection. Moreover, you can pick trending pieces by planning purchases now and then instead of buying in one shot.

Begin with a base collection

Once you decide on your budget, you can start building a base collection to start from scratch. You cannot expect to jump on big purchases at the outset, so begin by investing in the basic pieces you can wear on all occasions. A gold chain, a sleek bracelet, a chic pendant, a couple of rings, and a pair of diamond studs give you a good start. You can wear these pieces to work, casual outings, and parties. After covering the basics as a beginner, you can move to statement pieces to grow your collection down the line.

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Consider your personal style


Experts recommend considering your personal style while buying jewelry you want to own and flaunt for a lifetime. Of course, you will expect to buy different designs and trends over the years, but ensure they are all wearable. You cannot wear chunky gold stuff to work, so pick subtle items that look more classy and sophisticated. Alternatively, you can stock up on large statement pieces if you love showing off things. Everything boils down to your taste and preference, though you must also consider your lifestyle. Look for items you can wear on all occasions, and ensure they match your personality.

Think custom

Nothing makes you prouder than a signature jewelry collection replicating your taste and style. Consider Custom Jewelry pieces instead of ready ones on store shelves and catalogs. You can personalize your collection to give it a special meaning or follow your favorite celebrity styles. The great thing about custom designs is that you can recreate them on a smaller budget by replacing the base metal and gemstones. For example, silver costs a fraction of gold yet looks exactly the same with a gold-plated design. Likewise, you can opt for smaller diamonds to create the same design and setting. You only have to find a seasoned designer to create custom designs according to your expectations..

Opt for evergreen classics

Another tip to invest in a jewelry collection you will always love is to opt for evergreen classics. While chasing the latest trends is tempting, they may go out of vogue sooner than later. Imagine ending up with outdated pieces because a trend suddenly became redundant after a few years. But classic jewelry is always wearable and never goes out of style, and you can even pass it down as a family heirloom. So you must stick with such designs to create an evergreen assortment worth every dollar. Dig deep with extensive research and seek inputs from an expert to gain insights into evergreen classics in jewelry.

Take your time


Building a pricey jewelry collection is never easy, even if you can afford one. You must also commit to steering clear of impulse shopping, no matter how much you want something. Take your time while spending on precious metals and gemstones. Think of them as a long-term investment, so keep an eye on precious metal prices and gemstone quality parameters. Getting an education can make a difference. The best thing is that you can learn everything about jewelry shopping online, from current precious metal prices to the 4Cs of diamond quality. Also, remember to go slow and opt for pieces you will love to wear today and bequeath to the next generations down the line.

Care for your collection

Creating a precious jewelry collection takes money, time, and effort, so you cannot take it for granted, even if you are super-rich. But collectors often take a set-and-forget approach once they own the pieces they want. Caring for your collection is crucial because precious items may lose their luster if you do not store and clean them properly. Think beyond keeping them safe, away from prying eyes. Clean them regularly and get professional maintenance from an expert. A jeweler does more than polish your precious pieces. They can also identify loose gemstones and secure them to prevent them from falling off.

Taking a frugal approach and planning your purchase are the must-follow rules for avid jewelry shoppers. Create a collection you want to own, flaunt, and pass it down to your kids. While there aren’t any shortcuts to creating a flaunt-worthy collection, you can do it with a savvy approach. Follow these tips to pick your precious pieces like a pro.