Average Cost of a Wedding Venue 2024


In 2024, the average rental cost of a wedding venue is between $1650-$2336.  The main factors that affect overall spend are: location, time of year, event time of day and other in-house services included.  It is not uncommon for some locations to charge in excess of $5K-$10K is considered a luxury or premier venue.  Use this cost as a rough estimate as to what other couples are spending.

  • Some venues require that you use their “preferred” vendors because they usually have contracts with them.
  • Do not assume that parking is included in your overall cost. Most venues charge a fee for their valet service as well as their parking amenities.
  • Avoid confusion by requesting an itemized list of fees-or take this one with you-and tally the costs of each fee and service you will most likely use for your event.
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