How Marriage Can Affect Your Student Life

If you are among the few lucky ones to find the love of their life during their studies, you may find yourself in a new and uncomfortable decision. Starting a marriage while still in college can be overwhelming, so many decide to postpone the wedding till after their studies have been finished. However, if you are among those who cannot wait to say the long-awaited ‘yes’ to the love of their life, here is how marriage can affect your student life.

Marriage and College – How to Find Balance


First of all, marriage and college do not go so well together. Still, it is not impossible finding time for both, as many have successfully done for years already. Moreover, in every university, there is at least one mom who manages to find a balance between having children and getting that degree, so why would you be stopped by marriage from pursuing the career of your dreams.

Finding a balance between marriage and college can be challenging, but it can be done. As you try to balance the two, you will find yourself trying to deal with:

  • Time management issues,
  • Prolonged preparation for exams,
  • Longer time is needed to pay off your student debt, and
  • Little self-time.

On the other hand, you will be able to benefit from many pros of being married while in college, such as:

  • Better stress management,
  • Social support,
  • Emotional support, and
  • Better reflection on your and your partner’s life.

Worse Time Management in Studies


Many who are enrolled in a college program while married may find it difficult to manage their time. Marriage takes time and effort and is something that is built as time (spent together) passes. Still, many find it difficult to find time for their spouses as the new semester starts and the responsibilities and tasks pile up faster than they could have imagined.

If this is the case with you, it is best to start managing your time before the semester even starts. Deciding on which courses you would like to take a semester before is a great chance to start preparing early and to ensure that your semester runs smoothly. Read what materials you can before the semester starts and make your study notes early.

Once the semester has begun, you can take a different approach. Writing Universe can help you with your study notes and exam-prep so that you have enough time for your spouse. Furthermore, setting up date nights and limiting the time spent together can significantly improve your college life and success rate.

Lower Exam Pass-Rate


In case you are still not so good with time management, you may notice that your exam pass rate deteriorates. As this can have a huge impact on your studies and push you further into the rabbit hole called student debt, ensure that this does not take place. Stay disciplined or check with your university and college whether they allow prolonging studies due to marriage and family-related reasons.

Slower Payoff of Your Student Loan

Marriage also means the honeymoon, settling into your new love nest and even children. All of these mean that your expenditure will increase manifold if you happen to be married, so ensure that this does not strike you as you may prolong paying off your student debt. While you may want to spend time with your spouse away in an exotic country, you should be aware of the real costs of such actions. Be aware and plan accordingly.

No or Very Little Self-Time


The college itself is very strenuous and takes a lot of your time. On top of that, being married means that you have very little to no self-time. In this case, you should try to find that time at any cost. Jogging by yourself or chilling in your dorm for a single evening a week can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Always choose what is the best for you in the long run.

Better Stress Management

Many who are married see early enough that having a partner by your side makes things so much better. While it is true that relationships and marriage take time away from you, they also bring you a lot of opportunities for venting. Work on your communication with the partner and see how their perspective on your issues is different from yours. This can help you handle stress much better.

Social Support During Studies


Bringing a spouse into your life means expanding your circle of family and friends as well. At first, you may think that this will only take away your precious time. Well, think again: having more people in your life also means having more support, more people to rely on, and more places and events to escape to when you need to get your head away from the University.

Emotional Support During Studies

Studies can be emotionally draining as well. This is why having a partner or a spouse by your side can mean the world to you, especially as you go through difficult times. Having somebody to cheer you on day and night means a lot and is sure to provide all the extra support you may need to finish your college with less effort and strain.

Better Reflection Abilities


Being married also means learning a lot about your spouse. As the two of you grow together and mature, you will be able to learn more about each other. On the other hand, this also means being able to learn about yourself and then let this knowledge overspill onto other aspects of your life, such as your studies.

Final Considerations

Being married while still in college can provide you with a number of benefits that you may not have thought about beforehand. While it may hold true that balancing college and marriage is not easy, it does not have to be all dark either. Your partner or your spouse can help you to more easily deal with everyday issues and a pile of assignments waiting for you wherever you turn.