Luxurious Wedding in Dubai: How Car Rental Will Emphasize the Luxury of The Event

A wedding is a significant moment in the life of every couple. Every couple wants to make this day as festive and memorable as possible. Therefore, they try to make the wedding as luxurious and expensive as possible.

And what can make a wedding more luxurious than holding it in a luxury city like Dubai? Gorgeous views, the best hotels and beaches, and an incomparable atmosphere of luxury and wealth will make your wedding a great event. Luxurious cars will also play a huge role here.

Because the automobile will be utilized for an extended amount of time, it should highlight the couple’s beauty and create a celebratory environment. It is necessary to arrive at the registry office, to the banquet, and simply to drive around the beautiful places.

Car rental in Dubai will come in handy for such a difficult choice. Fortunately, car rental is very common in Dubai and you can choose to rent the car that suits you, choosing from thousands of the best cars from all over the world.

So you can choose a luxurious Mercedes for the newlyweds, or rent several of these cars for all the guests. In addition, renting wedding cars allows you to use large minibusses and beautiful limousines that can accommodate many people. More details you can find on websites like

Convertible in A Wedding Cortege


Agree, a convertible at a wedding looks simply gorgeous! An elegant car rushes through the city, and from it, the happy bride and groom smile at passers-by.

However, when choosing such a car for a wedding procession, you need to take into account its features.

Main advantages

The warm season is simply the perfect time to travel in a convertible. In Dubai, the weather is pleasant almost all year round, so such a car is almost always relevant here.

  • The UAE’s stunning landscapes, beaches, and views of skyscrapers are most conveniently enjoyed in a car without a roof.
  • The newlyweds will not be hot, they will feel a pleasant breeze.
  • If the weather suddenly turns bad, you can use the retractable roof.
  • Another advantage is a minimum of decorations. The car looks presentable on its own.

There will be no problems with the choice. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and hundreds of other luxury cars are just waiting to be rented and driven along the spacious roads of Dubai.

Business sedans

The most common option is a passenger car with a sedan body type. Among the most popular budget brands are Toyota, Mercedes, and BMW 7 Series. Elegant choices are the Chrysler 300C and Porsche Panamera.

By renting such a car, you will receive increased comfort and greater agility on the road. A huge fleet of such cars, of any make and color, allows you to rent a truly luxurious and safe car for a wedding according to the most discerning taste.

We especially recommend checking out the list of the best BMW 7 Series rentals that will make your wedding more representative and elegant than ever.

Luxury SUVs

An SUV is a car with increased cross-country ability and spaciousness, such brands as Porsche, Cadillac, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. The choice of SUVs is not as wide as sedans, but due to their spaciousness, this car will often be optimal for a wedding.

Modern luxury SUVs correspond to the latest trends in the comfort of entry, exit, movement inside the car over the longest distances, and aesthetic impeccability in appearance. Also, many luxury SUVs have three rows of seats for seven, so you’ll have to rent fewer cars.

By renting an SUV, you will also get expanded opportunities for photography inside and outside, which are not available with other types of wedding cars.

Retro cars


A retro car for a wedding is a rarity or stylized retro, it can be for example: the Mercedes-Benz 300 S, Buick Centurion, Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale, Cadillac Eldorado, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, and others.

Rare cars for a wedding are rented by a driver, who is often the owner of the car. They differ in the soul and aesthetic touch of the era they represent.

A retro car for a wedding will be an excellent solution if you feel a craving for past eras so much that the authenticity of external attributes is more important to you than modern ideas about comfort.

A properly selected retro car for a wedding will be an excellent attribute for wedding photography, will certainly attract the admiring glances of others, and will create and maintain a festive mood by its presence alone.

Criteria for choosing a rental car for a wedding

Today, newlyweds may select any brand and type of wedding automobile they want or request an original motorcade. There are numerous key elements to consider while renting a wedding car.

  • Set aside money for a car or a motorcade. This is possibly the most essential aspect of determining the decision. The more expensive the automobile, the more representative the outside and the more pleasant the inside.
  • The wedding’s stylistic inclination. Over the last several decades, the custom of creating weddings in a certain style, such as European glamour or ethnic boho, beautiful minimalism, or adventurous loft, has become firmly entrenched. The selection of automobiles is also influenced by the style – classic, sporty stylish, provocative exotic, or romantic vintage.
  • The weather and geography of the journey. These parameters are highly important since they influence the sort of wedding automobile that is chosen. Getting a convertible during the winter or on days when rain is forecast is not a smart idea. The same may be true about driving on country roads in a low-slung urban car. The longer the travel, the more roomy and comfy the cabin should be to minimize body rigidity and exhaustion caused by awkward stances.
  • Appearance as well as technical condition. The first criterion is merely relevant in terms of aesthetics and representativeness, whilst the second is vital in terms of safety.


choosing a luxury rental car for a wedding

A car at a wedding can be not only a means of transportation but also an excellent way to emphasize the luxury and specialness of your wedding. So you should carefully and thoroughly think about which cars will suit the theme of your wedding, and rent them from Dubai rental companies.