Luxury Wedding in Dubai: Why Do Flowers Matter so Much?

A wedding in the Emirates is a beautiful and luxurious event with oriental flavor and the highest service. Warm sea, sun all year round, and luxury hotels with amazing service will make the ceremony and your honeymoon unforgettable.

The venue for the ceremony in Dubai can be a hotel (including the beach), a desert, or a yacht. The ceremony is held in an oriental or European style; for newlyweds who choose the desert as their wedding venue, national costumes are provided. However, if you wish, you can get married in European wedding dresses.

Due to the hot weather, it is recommended that the ceremony be held at dawn or before sunset.

Why flowers are important

Why flowers are important

Floral arrangements remain a traditional wedding decoration – the decor reflects the style and concept of the holiday and conveys the happiness of the newlyweds. Flowers accompany the newlyweds at every step, creating a truly magical atmosphere for everyone present.

But a particularly important role is played by the design of the formal hall, namely the wedding tables, at which guests spend most of the banquet.

If you do not understand exactly how you would like to decorate your wedding with flowers, then we advise you to contact a solid florist dubai. One of the most famous flower shops in Dubai is DJ Flowers. They are not only famous for their beautiful bouquets, but they also have their own florist who, for example, will help you choose a forever rose as a small gift for each guest.

They are not only famous for their beautiful bouquets, but they also have their own florist who, for example, will help you choose, a forever rose as a small gift for each guest.

Flowers play a big role in a wedding for several reasons:

  • Symbolizing emotions. Flowers can express emotions and feelings, their choice and arrangement can convey different emotional states. For example, roses are often associated with love, peonies with wealth and prosperity, and lilies with purity and innocence.
  • Decoration. Flowers can greatly enhance the look of your wedding ceremony and reception, making it more colorful and sophisticated. They create an atmosphere of beauty and luxury.
  • Thematic design. Flowers can be used to create a specific theme or style for the wedding.
  • Completing the look. Flowers can complement the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s suit, giving them a complete and harmonious look.
  • Gift and memory. Many couples save flowers from their wedding bouquet or decor as a memento of their special day. Such flowers can retain their freshness in the form of dried flowers or be used to create albums and other souvenirs.

Thus, flowers at a wedding are of great importance as they have the ability to add beauty, emotional depth, and symbolic meaning to the special occasion.

What flowers to choose for table decoration

Many couples prefer to decorate their wedding in a single style, which can be seen in the decorative elements of the hall. Weddings in eco-style are trendy today – a distinctive feature is the presence of many flowering plants. To decorate the wedding table, florists use fresh flowers presented below:

  • Pink, powder, and cream roses will help emphasize the solemnity of the event.
  • Blue hydrangeas will be the most welcome guests at a themed wedding.
  • Buds of purple peonies will decorate a celebration in a romantic or vintage style.
  • Sprigs of snow-white orchids will add a bit of magic to the decoration of the hall.

Who should give the bride’s bouquet?

Who should give a bouquet to the bride anyway? Or does she buy it for herself? According to tradition, this issue should ideally be dealt with by the groom. As a last resort, the honor of presenting a bouquet to the bride is given to her father or another close relative.

But most importantly, it is the man who should give it. But even a beloved mother and other women, even if it is a sister or best friend, are generally undesirable to touch these flowers until the wedding itself.

As for the choice of bouquet, it is often coordinated with the selected decorations.

The entire ensemble must be in harmony with each other. If this is an elegant, sophisticated look, then it is better to choose flowers to match the style, and the jewelry should be thin, openwork – a neat chain with one small stone, a thin ring bezel, stud earrings, or chains without inlay.

If the image is more lush, the bouquet itself will be catchy, and the decorations to match it – a floral theme or large stones, a wide ring with stones or an inscription, dangling earrings.

Why do you need a bouquet understudy?

The concept of a double for these colors appeared not so long ago. In general, of course, the signs about a wedding bouquet say that keeping it as a keepsake is a great idea. The caught bouquet can be stored until it dries completely. After this, esotericists advise throwing it out, or even better, setting it on fire.

And if we are talking about the bride, then it can be beautifully dried individual flowers, and then they can be used to decorate a wedding album with photographs.

Artificial flowers and shades, bouquet nuances

Sometimes people wonder whether it is possible to buy a bouquet of artificial flowers for a wedding. This, on the one hand, is a tribute to tradition. On the other hand – fresh flowers are a symbol of youth, a new stage in life.

Yes, of course, today artificial plants are sometimes indistinguishable by touch from living ones. And such a bouquet can be preserved in its original form for years. So this is a matter of taste and personal preference.

And if we are talking about color, then, of course, white is considered classic. But today the canons of wedding fashion are changing, dresses and other elements of clothing often go beyond white and shades.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a bouquet can take on a variety of shapes and colors. Themed weddings are all the rage these days, where there is a specific set of colors. Then the palette is selected to suit it.

If we talk about colors that are undesirable to use, then among them:

  • Carnation.
  • Callas.
  • Gladiolus.

These flowers are considered masculine and therefore are not recommended for a bridal bouquet.


Wedding Flowers

Since ancient times, different flowers have evoked different associations in people: love, devotion, innocence, etc. The teaching about the meaning of flowers came to Europe from the East at the beginning of the 18th century and subsequently won many women’s hearts.

According to him, each flower has a meaning and expresses a certain mood, emotions, and feelings.