Choosing Your Wedding Decorations With These Simple Tips

Choosing your wedding decorations is a big decision, and there are many options to choose from. These options can include Centerpieces for your VIP and family tables, Backdrops for the bridal stage, Glow stick exits, Aisle markers, and Ceremony signage.

1. Aisle markers


Adding aisle markers for wedding decorations is a great way to define your space. These markers can be made of simple mason jars or intricate floral arrangements. They can also be placed on the floor or suspended from decorative hooks. These decorations will enhance the space and add a unique, yet fresh, touch.

Another option for aisle markers is to have a wooden sign with a quote or welcome message. These signs can be suspended at the beginning of the aisle or positioned at the end. The signs can be made from wood or a wooden pallet.

Another option for aisle markers is to use potted plants. Potted plants can add a rustic, yet fresh, look to the wedding aisle. These plants can be moved after the wedding, and can be reused in the reception.

One of the most common aisle decorations is fresh flowers. A simple arrangement of rose petals can be used along the aisle. For a more unique aisle decoration, consider a deconstructed floral arch. This design uses symmetry to create a playful, yet elegant effect.

Another option is to use garlands of berries and evergreens. These can be suspended along the aisle with shepherd’s hooks. Alternatively, you can drape these on the chairs for an even more romantic vibe.

Potted plants can also be used in place of flowers, and can be easily transported to the reception. If you want to reuse them, simply have your wedding planner return them to the florist after the ceremony.

If you want to keep the decor budget low, consider simply lining the aisle with candles. This simple yet elegant detail will never go out of style.

2. Centerpieces for VIP and family tables


Whether you’re planning a wedding or just a simple dinner, centerpieces are an important part of the reception. They add the wow factor to your tables and help set the mood. Just think about a dinosaur theme wedding and how impressive it would be, which you can find at

The style of centerpieces varies depending on the size of the table and the table shape. You can use candles, floral arrangements, or greenery to decorate your tables.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to have an arbor or pergola as a backdrop. You can also have it decorated with flowers and lights. You can use a delicate drape or balloon arch.

You can also use bird cages to decorate your mantelpiece or patio. You can stack them randomly or randomly place them on your mantel.

You can also have lanterns as centerpieces. You can light them up inside for a romantic look. You can also add flower vines. Lanterns look good on a wide range of tables.

You can also use vintage suitcases to create decorations. Use a lace table cover to match the lace details on your wedding dress. You can also purchase or rent special table linens. You can use exclusive glassware and charger plates.

You can also use a chalkboard to display your last name. You can also purchase handwritten place cards or use press out place cards. These are available from wedding suppliers. You can also print your place cards out on a computer.

You can also use your own creativity to give tables names instead of numbers. This is helpful if you’re not comfortable with numbers. It will also create a more welcoming atmosphere.

You can also use a seating chart to choose the seats for your guests. This is a much easier process than doing it by hand or with a spreadsheet.

3. Backdrops for the bridal stage


Choosing the right backdrops for the bridal stage is an important aspect of planning a wedding. There are a number of different backdrops to choose from, from modern to traditional. A backdrop can be a great way to set the mood for a wedding, and it can also tell a story about the couple.

The most important thing to consider is the source of lighting for the backdrop. The sun can be a tricky source of light, and its beam can be inconsistent. A great alternative is ambient lighting. In addition, there are also decorative lights. These can be used to enhance the backdrop, such as string lights, lanterns, or globe lights.

One of the most popular backdrops is the floral wall. This can be designed to match the wedding theme. This wall features a table with lanterns, a door-shaped cut, and a variety of flowers.

In addition to flowers, there are other decor elements that can be included on the stage. A chandelier is a great addition, as it can create a magical effect. Fairy lights add the perfect amount of sparkle. They are also great for nighttime weddings, as they are easy to dim.

Another good idea is to create a modern installation using acrylic. You can even use this material for signage. This is especially great for weddings that are outdoors.

One of the newest trends in backdrop decoration is the embossing effect. This is a great way to get a modern effect without breaking the bank.

The leafy botanical wall is another great idea for a wedding backdrop. It can be a standalone wall or can be a part of a more elaborate design.

4. Ceremony signage


Using ceremony signage as part of your wedding decorations is an easy way to give your guests important information. Whether you want to inform your guests of the seating plan or announce where to find the restrooms, signage is a simple way to make your wedding decor stand out.

Whether you want to use a sign for your ceremony or reception, you can easily find a variety of options to match your wedding theme. Signs can be made from a variety of materials and can be customized to include your wedding date, wedding party and even your favorite love quotes.

A welcome sign is usually the first thing guests see at the ceremony site. These large-format signs help guests know where to go and set the tone for the ceremony.

A menu sign informs guests of the food and drink options. These signs are available in three sizes and can be displayed in a beautiful frame. Table numbers are another important piece of signage for a wedding. These signs can direct guests to the buffet, dessert or dessert bar. They can also be used to direct guests to the gifts table.

If you’re not sure what type of signage is best for your wedding, you should consider your hobbies and interests. For example, if you like playing board games, consider creating a board game sign. You can also choose to make a puzzle piece sign for guests to sign.

Wedding reception signs can also be used to inform guests of the drink options and signature cocktails. These signs can be placed on tables and counters, and they can also be placed on the guest book table. You can even use a monogram to personalize your menu cards.

5. Glow stick exits


Using glow sticks for your wedding decorations is a fun and inexpensive way to make your wedding exit memorable. They add a fun element to the send off and can even light up your final photos.

Glow sticks come in different colors, so they can match your wedding color scheme. They are also inexpensive and relatively easy to use. You can also customize your glow sticks with your wedding date or initials.

You can also use them as a fun addition to the dance floor. They are long and skinny, making them easier to hold. The light sticks can also be worn as bracelets or necklaces. They are great for evening weddings or those that are going late. They also provide directionality, so they can lead you and your guests to safety if an emergency occurs.

Another fun idea is to use confetti. If you’re a green bride, you can find biodegradable confetti. Other fun ideas are to use dried flowers, such as lavender, in the toss. You can also make your own confetti cones with tissue paper.

If you’re looking for a more traditional send off, you can use bubbles. Bubbles are cheap, easy to use and look great in photos. They also don’t get messy or sticky. If you’re serious about the bubble exit, you can purchase a bubble machine to make the process even easier.

Another inexpensive option for your wedding exit is popcorn. You can make your own popcorn cones, or you can purchase them in bulk. Popcorn is a fun wedding souvenir and can also be a midnight snack for your guests.

If you’re looking for confetti, there are options for airplane confetti, motorcycle confetti, and biodegradable confetti.