How Much Alcohol Should Be Served At A Wedding? – 2024 Guide

Organizing a wedding must be one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks we will ever do. Whether you’re the groom, the bride, or the organizing team, you always want to give some extra effort when planning. The venue will be adorned with the quantity of food and beverages you will be serving based on the kind and color of flowers used. Everything is decided after a great deal of deliberation. After all, who doesn’t want their wedding to be perfect?

After the heartwarming ceremony, guests want to have their fair share of fun and mingling in the reception. With vast space for dancing, music perfect for getting guests up on their feet, and a great amount of alcohol, rest assured you’ll be holding one hell of a wedding party. But, one of the biggest concerns in making sure you will have a fun and smooth-sailing wedding is knowing just at what amount is the “perfect amount” of alcohol you will need to accommodate your guests.

To let them feel the right amount of “tipsy” and not waste unnecessary funds, you will have to consider some things before deciding how much you will be spent solely on the beverages. You don’t want your guests to be “too drunk” or “too sober” to take over the dance floor. What are these considerations, you say? Well, you might want to continue scrolling through this article and discover what we have in store for you.

Basic rule: Sit right with your crowd’s taste


The first step is to consider what your crowd wants to drink. However, it is impossible to go and ask them all individually, so it would be best to get them a drink applicable for all. offers this fruity and low-calorie hard seltzer that goes beyond your ordinary sparkling water with its beverages mixed with your favorite fruity flavor.

Alcohol and Sparkling water? You got it all in one. Fruit Juice for those who can’t handle strong liquor tastes? They have it covered. So, if you find yourself stuck in the deciding process because of your guests’ differing or mysterious tastes, have some Long Shot served at the table and maintain the elegance of your party.

To know the right amount of alcohol to be served in a wedding, one must primarily consider the taste of the guests’ so no money will be wasted and beverages….well, put down the drain. This will be an easy task since you, most probably, are already acquainted with the guests. Go through the guest list and try to identify some of the alcoholic beverages these people fancy. Find their similarities and go for some of the highly requested bottles.

But, since weddings can get pretty hectic and you might struggle to find the time to do so, what we highly recommend is the elegant alcoholic sparkling water that all of your guests will surely enjoy.
The guests’ are having a good time at the ceremony, and reception is still one of the most important things besides the wedding itself running smoothly.

A rule you might want to consider: Estimate the ratio


Planning a wedding party is also about headcounts, right? To ensure that all guests will be accommodated and the bride and groom enjoy their special day with grandiosity, one must do things with accuracy as much as possible. Every guest has their designated chairs, foods, and souvenirs, so you should not forget or disregard one guest in favor of the other. This rule also applies in deciding the amount of alcohol served at the wedding. Try to estimate the number of bottles each table can finish within the span of the celebration. Also, the more the alcohol choices, the more fun your celebration will be, so try to have a variety of liquors – like wine, beer, and champagnes. Base the amount you will be getting on each of them with your guests’ preferences.

In estimating, you need to have a fixed amount of numbers. You might want to have each table a maximum of 8-10 bottles for a 4-6 hour celebration. So, if you have, let’s say, a total of 10 tables with 6-8 people at each table, you might need at least 80 bottles or more to suffice a total of 100+ servings. We suggest having some extra bottles ranging from 10-20 if the guests are more excited than expected. Better prepared, up to the last minute.

It might be hard to do the math, especially at a stressful time like this, but some things need to be done, and precision is beneficial when you want something to move just the way you like it. This way, no guest will feel left out, and everyone can enjoy such a lovely day.

A rule to remember: Don’t go for “too much”


Of course, we all want guests to have fun and enjoy the liveliness of the celebration, but we also have to consider that most of the people attending the wedding will still drive or travel back home. We need to be considerate of them and control the amount of alcohol serving per lasting hour. From initially 8-10 bottles per table, when you see guests going naturally to the dance floor or mingling with others easily, that’s your cue to lessen the servings.

You decide the bar of your choice, may it be an open bar or a more organized beer and wine bar. We suggest you go for the open bar so that your guests can have some cocktail of their choice, and on the not so serious note, you can close it if the guests are getting more carried away by the fun and the alcohol.

After all, you know your guests best, so you have a clue about their alcohol tolerance. This rule will not be as hard for you; you just need to be more attentive and mindful of the entire atmosphere to ensure a fun, memorable, and safe celebration.

Weddings are one of the happiest days a person could witness. It’s a celebration of love, a great signifier of commitment, and a start of a beautiful journey yet to be written. Everyone hopes nothing but the best on their wedding day. All of us want a “fairy tale wedding,” and the last thing we want is for an error to occur, a super drunk guest, or any other possibilities. That is why like what we have constantly reminded you of – consider things properly and do things in moderation.