6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing your Wedding Rings – 2024 Guide

A wedding ring holds a memory about the most important day of your life, the day you said yes, the moment two people made a decision, a vow to live side by side and love each other no matter what. This piece of jewelry you only buy once in your life and choose to wear for the rest of it is only bought once. It is a reminder that we walk the path together, that there is always someone in our life who loves us and who we can count on.

It is impossible to go back in the past and find out when and who started this tradition. There is evidence that a similar tradition was practiced even by Neanderthals. They would tie the women of their choosing a band around her ankle as a symbol of his protection towards her. Ancient Egyptians formed a ring to carry on their hand because it is circle-shaped and therefore represents eternity. It was a vow of eternal love. While Romans were not so romantic, the rings their wives had to ware were a pure sign of their husband’s ownership.

Most people start the pursuit of a perfect wedding ring completely uninformed. Relying mostly on the advice they pick up along the way, from different ring makers. But the advice from an adequate ring maker and the richness of the wedding rings offered as in Flawless Fine Jewelry can make a vision come true.

If you haven’t had luck in finding the perfect ring, here are some of the most frequent mistakes you should avoid when choosing the ideal wedding ring. It’s a fresh, 2024 guide.

1. Delaying the purchase of the rings.

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When you have decided to organize your wedding and have taken things slowly, thinking you have enough time for everything, think again. Ask yourself if you want to drag yourself through that last-minute shopping stress. These situations usually end up in the most important things being rushed, after what disappointment follows. Don’t wait until the last moment to rush the wedding ring purchase. After all, this will remind you of your special day, every day you’re married. You should love it. You should smile each time you see it on your finger. Don’t let it be the reminder of how stressful that day was. Give it some time and thought. Maybe you want to personalize your wedding rings by engraving something on them. Maybe you want them to be specially custom made based on your wishes. You should have enough time for these things.

2. Following the fashion trends.

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Things that are considered fashionable are temporary. You may like a certain design now, only because it’s “in”, but the reality of fashion is that it changes quickly, it’s seasonal. The best would be to make sure your rings are unique, according to what you want, not what the current trends dictate.

3. Not choosing the right sizes.

And here we have the biggest mistake of all, complicating future wearing of the ring. It can happen that you simply could not find the time to try it out properly. Maybe your hands were swollen the time you tried it and now it’s too big threatening to slip off your finger and get lost. If it’s too tight it will be uncomfortable for wearing and that’s no good. A true ringmaster will know what to do to ensure the adequate size of the rings. He will know the standard/universal measure for thick and thin rings will not work. When making a wedding ring he will consider many things for the rings to fit perfectly.

4. Going for the cheap option.

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When a couple decides to buy wedding rings, they should be very aware that this kind of jewelry is bought only once in your life, and worn every day. The technology development has enabled all kinds of not so quality products to reach our market. These products, in this case, rings are usually tempting in terms of price. And then a couple decides to save some money for the party expenses and enter this trap of buying cheap wedding rings. Buying these cheap wedding rings, of lower quality results in deformity or the stones falling out of the rings just a couple of weeks after the wedding. Sometimes couples even go for the thin version of the rings. They also tend to become thinner in the future, deformed and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, the thickness of the ring itself is not always relevant, because the resistance of the ring also depends on the material from which it is made.

5. Buying the silver wedding rings.

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The ring material itself is also a very important factor when choosing a wedding ring. Silver is soft, easily damaged, and deformed during long-term everyday wear, so it should be avoided when it comes to wedding rings. The most suitable material for this purpose is gold, titanium, or platinum. For example, a titanium ring or a steel ring is much stronger and more resistant than a gold ring.

6. Thinking you have to have matching style rings.

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There is no reason why you have to have the same style of the ring. Of course, going in completely different directions is also a bit of exaggerating, but there are possibilities to at least make similar style wedding rings. Why limit yourself with tradition and expectations? For example, you can make a mixture of the types of gold you choose for your rings. The style can be the same, but the color can be different. Or you can choose to add just a little bit of stones in a bride’s wedding ring, to make it more feminine. Although putting stones in your ring will require a highly rated professional. They tend to fall out easily if they haven’t been inserted into the material properly. Either way, experiment with your possibilities.

Don’t skimp on wedding rings! A wedding ring symbolizes a vow made at the time of marriage, a promise that must not be broken.