Organizing Honeymoon with Cryptocurrency

Are you one of the couples who recently got married and are going on your honeymoon? Guess you are all too stressed about hotel bookings, credit card management, cash resources? Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have got you covered. Let’s see how!

It isn’t easy to travel to different parts of the world and deal with different foreign currencies everywhere. Here’s when cryptocurrency comes into play. Once you have bought Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency through Paybis or any other cryptocurrency exchange, you are all set to use it in any part of the world with just one click.

What are Cryptocurrencies?



Cryptocurrency is digital money, literally. It is not controlled by border restrictions or any governmental organizations. Cryptocurrency is peer-to-peer money that is used to buy and sell goods and services online. It uses blockchain technology that makes it free from any intermediaries and authorities.

By using cryptocurrencies, you can pay for food, clothes, sports, cars, houses, shoes, air tickets, and almost anything you want. Its high speed and quick transaction speed are some of the main reasons for growing mainstream acceptance. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more cryptocurrencies are regularly traded all over the world.

Who accepts Cryptocurrencies as a Payment Method?

There are so many websites and merchants that let you pay for your products with cryptocurrencies. Microsoft, Starbucks, PayPal, Rakuten, Etsy are some of the most famous brands worldwide that already accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

More and more brands and merchants are opening the doors to cryptocurrency.

How can you Pay for your Honeymoon with Cryptocurrency?


On your honeymoon, you can use cryptocurrency not only to pay for your bookings, travel agencies but also for five-star meals and shopping. Cryptocurrency will give you freedom from carrying cash or cards all the time with you. You won’t have to worry about keeping your wallet with you. You can pay online with one click.

Digital money is really simple to use, especially for those of us who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. It may be accessed at any time, from any location, and on any device!

Are you ready to switch from fiat currencies to digital payments? We feel the same way! But who will accept cryptocurrency for organizing your honeymoon trip?

Here is a list of a few travel sites and agencies that will accept payment in cryptocurrency and make your honeymoon a memorable event for you and your partner.

  • Bitcoin Travel:


The most popular cryptocurrency in the world is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is accepted by so many brands and travel websites, all of which are listed on its own platform Bitcoin travel. It is the most reliable website that shows you the best searches for places, stops, food, date, time, airports, and airfares.

According to Forbes, “Bitcoin Travel has one of the most comprehensive lists of businesses that use Bitcoin.” Most Bitcoin users have visited this site in the beginning since it is trustworthy and reputable. Every website linked to accepts digital money.

  • Cheap Air:

CheapAir advertises low-cost flights, hotels, and vehicle rentals. You can use the filters and pay for anything with digital money.

You don’t need a credit card to book; simply enter your crypto or Bitcoin details. and you’re set to go on your next trip.

  • AirBaltic:


Use this site to find low-cost flights and associated services such as onboard amenities, hotel reservations, and airport parking. Bitcoins are free of transaction fees, according to AirBaltic’s website, although they can only be used for Basic plane tickets.


Below the BTCtrip logo is the phrase “Flying with Bitcoins”! This website is full of flights and special offers that can be purchased using Bitcoins. This website appealed to crypto users since it had Bitcoin-based deals for Fashion Week, a Yoga Festival, and numerous places. This is a fantastic one-stop-shop for booking your vacation airfare.

  • Surf Air:


Surf Air differs from other airline websites in functioning and working methodology. Surf Air claims to be the “first private air travel club of its sort” that provides “all-you-can-fly service for a single monthly charge.”

Instead of booking a single ticket, you sign up for a membership, pay a monthly expense, and book as many flights as you like from month to month! It is one of the fastest-growing private airlines that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This site is a good match for you if you travel frequently for whatever reason, whether for business or pleasure.

  • Berkeley Travel:

This London-based travel site clearly announces that it accepts Bitcoins, “Berkeley Travel acknowledges the advantages of paying with a decentralized currency and is proud to accept Bitcoin as payment.”

They also encourage flexible pricing and the recognition of customers who use multiple currencies. This site truly has it all! If your flight is delayed, they will arrange for hotel transfers, ensure that the hotel is aware of your arrival and has a room available for you, and even extend your hotel stay!

  • Virgin Galactic:


If your preferred mode of transportation is rockets and you’d rather travel in space, Virgin Galactic has you covered! Bitcoins will be accepted as payment for Sir Richard Branson’s commercial space trip enterprise. The SpaceShipTwo system makes it possible to conduct space research and experimentation more frequently and quickly.

Researchers, students, professors, and scientists interested in using SpaceShipTwo are urged to fill out a form on the website.

  • ETravelSmart:

ETravelSmart, India’s online bus booking platform, now accepts Bitcoins via the Unocoin service. Unocoin was chosen by ETravelSmart as a “means of the payment free of chargebacks, volatility, and transaction fees.”

It’s simple to book with ETravelSmart; you may phone or use their mobile app, which comes with a little discount. In India, there are over 80,000 bus lines! What amazing sites you can visit!

Take advantage of these services and use your cryptocurrency whenever and wherever possible.