Perfect Ring for the Active Woman of Today in 2024

Choosing an engagement ring for a fiancé who is an active lady doesn’t have to be an ordeal. There are only a few things that need to be borne in mind when making the selection. When buying a ring for someone who is outdoorsy or has a busy lifestyle, your top priorities should be durability and practicality of design.

However, the words “active lifestyle” has many interpretations. So, let’s settle what is specifically meant here so that you are on the right track from the very beginning.

A person can be called active when they are outdoorsy or are into adventure sports or any sports for that matter. Mountain biking, weight lifting, swimming, they all come under activities.

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However, a common misconception among buyers is that Low Profile engagement rings designed for wearers with active lifestyles are not meant for those with less action in their lives. The truth is, such a ring is equally fit for people in other professions like teaching, nursing, policing, landscaping, dancing and so on. If your fiancé is into gardening, painting, pottery, or anything that involves the use of two hands in good amounts, you want to consider these rings. If your fiancé is a little klutzy, you still want to consider a Low Profile engagement ring.

As a matter of fact, women who are after a durable ring should give these rings a try. If you are tired of your ring being a nuisance, a punishment in your day to day life, it’s time to switch to one of the Low Profile engagement rings.

These rings have a minimum risk of damage. They don’t need to be taken off and put on regularly. So, that reduces the risk of misplacing them. In short, a practical and wearable ring is more likely to make your life easier than one that is not.

Most Practical Low Profile Engagement Ring Settings

If there was one set style that can be called the knight in shining armor for gemstones, it’s the bezel. In case you are of the school of thought that bezel is boring, pause for a second and check out the modern bezel styles. You will be in awe.

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There is no other setting that offers its level of protection. The bezel creates a protective barrier around the gemstone right at the point where it’s most fragile thus covering up the girdle from possible damage. A low profile engagement ring setting, it prevents chip damages better than all other known settings. The setting also doesn’t let the table rise too high above the band and that ensures minimal to no snagging.

A common myth about the bezel is that it makes diamonds sparkle less. That’s about as far from the truth as possible. The height of the stone is not really an issue where sparkle is concerned. The light enters the stone through the table and the bezel leaves that part fully exposed. So in a Low Profile bezel setting, light can get in through its usual path and escape through the table without any obstruction.

So, when the setting does not obstruct or restrict light in any way, then how can it cause the stone to sparkle lesser than other settings?

Practical Solitaire Settings

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However durable and practical a bezel is, some buyers are naturally disinclined to it, and that’s because they are into traditional settings. That’s okay because there are a couple of settings in solitaire too that fit the descriptions of durable and comfort-fit. One of those is the six-prong setting.

You might think that the four prongs setting would be more befitting in this respect, but it’s not so. In fact, the six-prong setting offers rings better stability and the gemstone more security than their four-prong counterpart. The extra prongs offer an extra blanket of security which guards the prongs against bending out of position by accident. But with four prongs setting, if one prong is lost, there is a good deal of chance for the gemstone to go missing too. It also means extra protection for the center stone.