Tips for Staying Calm on Your Wedding Day

You’ve probably had more than enough questions even before your engagement, and things sure haven’t changed since then. Marriage is a massive step up from your engagement. So what should you be expecting? Well, there’s more than enough to go through—more than enough to pump up the stress. But how can you avoid that stress to begin with?

There’s bound to be some stress along your wedding planning journey, but the day you want to avoid all stress is on your wedding day. You should enjoy every moment of your wedding day. No more living for the future; live in the moment as much as you can. Here’s how you can stay calm on your wedding day, enjoying every moment while it happens.

1. Don’t do too much the week of.


You’re likely going to have a lot to take care of in the days leading up to your wedding day, but try your best not to do too much. Overwhelming yourself is only bound to make you fatigued on the day of. Find ways to have friends, family, and professionals can help wherever possible. It will save you numerous headaches while preserving your energy for when it matters most.

2. Get your sleep.

You might find yourself awake the night before, staring at the ceiling while you’re thinking over every detail. But you should do your best to get a good night’s rest. The links between poor sleep and stress are notable, and it’s not something you want to experience prior to the day of your wedding. Avoid getting groggy on the altar or losing the pep in your step at your reception. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Eat a proper breakfast.

Wake up, use the bathroom, get a glass of water, do your stretches, and then have a proper breakfast and some coffee. You’re going to need the energy for the rest of the day, and it’s imperative you have breakfast. The issue is that you’re bound to be so busy you won’t eat next until your reception. Make sure to eat early, and bring along snacks to keep yourself going throughout the day.

4. Find a way to treat yourself during the day.


Does my face look good? Do I look bloated? Do I look stressed?

Step away and give yourself a treat when it’s possible. Whether that’s a brief walk, a shot of espresso, a few pieces of chocolate, a candy bar—whatever your gleeful poison is! You should have a little piece of joy during the day—something that allows you to relax. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

5. Step away when you can.

This might feel difficult to do, as so many people will need your attention throughout the day, but it’s important you take some time away. But it’s important that you separate every so often. When you’re wrapped up in all of the wedding day events, you can find yourself getting lost. Taking a brief time away can ensure you remember what you’re doing. Further, it will remind you that you should be loving every moment of it.

6. Leave your phone behind.

You might feel compelled to capture the intimate moments of your wedding via social media, but leave that work to your friends and family. Let them take photos and videos of you preparing for the ceremony, the ceremony itself, the reception, and more. It will help you live in the moment while avoiding the stress of meeting the needs of social media.

7. Play music you love while you prepare.


Who doesn’t love a good playlist? And is there anything better than pre-gaming with an awesome soundtrack? Make sure you have a good playlist ready to go when you and your wedding party are prepping for the wedding ceremony. You’ll be thankful for the uplifting music, as it can help you dance away some of the stress.

8. Remember to hydrate.

No one wants a dry-lipped kiss after they say “I do.” Moreover, no one wants to watch their spouse-to-be pass out on the altar from being dehydrated. Unsure if you’ll be able to get in enough water during the day? Ask someone in your party to watch your back, giving you a bottle of water once every two hours or less to ensure you’re staying hydrated.

9. Surround yourself with people who calm you.

Make sure you’re surrounded by people you can trust. There’s nothing quite as calming as having someone tell you “everything is going to be okay,” and you actually believe them when they say it. Craft a wedding party full of people like this, while keeping out anyone who is sure to create unnecessary stress. Most of all, give the classic mens wedding band like one found on Manly Bands of your choice to your best man so he can keep it safe—make sure it’s someone you can trust with your life. With the way you’ll be treating your ring from here on out, consider it an extension of yourself and make sure it remains protected. Knowing it’s safe will absolutely lessen your stress.

10. Take some time away before your reception.


Once you’ve finished the ceremony, now is the time to take a deep breath. However, you’re still bound to feel some pressure growing, as you’re off to the reception. While it’s just a glorified party, it’s still another engagement where you’ll be the center of attention. To relax, you should consider taking some time away with your new spouse, in the space between the ceremony and the reception. It doesn’t have to be anything major, either. Head to a nearby park. Go for a short walk. Get some ice cream together. Play a round of mini-golf in your wedding getup.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to make the most of it. This day is, first and foremost, about you and your spouse—your love being merged into one household through marriage. Live in the moment and enjoy every part of your wedding. Remember, just take a deep breath every so often. And look at your spouse’s smile. You’ll feel that stress flow right out of you.