7 Wedding Band Shopping Rules You Need To Follow

In addition to the photos and videos of the wedding, the ring is one of the permanent reminders of the wedding and marriage and will be with you for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to choose what you like and what suits you.

The ring, as a closed circle, is a symbol of endless love, and this is precisely the reason for careful selection. Of course, when we already buy, aesthetics play a big role because this is a piece of jewelry that is taken off the hand on rare occasions. There are several things to consider when buying a ring, and below are some of the most important ones.

1. Budget

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The factor from which we start before any purchase. In some countries, it is the best man’s responsibility to choose the wedding rings for the newlyweds, but in most countries, the newlyweds are the ones who buy them. Given that the ring is a symbol of love that will always be on your hand, make an effort to buy a quality product.

Truly valuable jewelry, which will look unchanged for many years, cannot have a negligible price. That’s why it’s almost impossible to buy a diamond ring or a ring made of some other precious material at a low price in regular jewelry sales. So, get ready to “damage” your budget. Don’t let money limit you, but be realistic about what you can afford. The most expensive ring is not a guarantee of your love, so we recommend you not to overdo it.

2. Silver, yellow, white, or rose gold?

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Although gold is the most common, there are also those who prefer silver because it looks almost the same as white gold, and it is a much smaller “attack” on the budget. Choose the precious metal for making the ring and its color based on your style and the jewelry you otherwise prefer to wear.

Would you rather have a simple ring or one with zircons and precious stones? Will you choose the same wedding rings for you and your partner or will you wear different ones? Let these questions be a guide in which direction you should go when choosing rings. There are also combinations of gold for those who want something different.

If you like timeless jewelry and classics, yellow gold is the perfect solution, while white gold gives a modern and unique look. Lately, ladies are increasingly choosing rose gold, which exudes romantic appeal and femininity. Of course, rose gold is not the best choice for a man, but the wedding rings will fit perfectly if they are made of a different color of gold, but of the same design.

3. Details

Details in the form of precious stones are not necessary, but they will certainly contribute to the aesthetics, at least when we are talking about a ring for a bride. Lately, those who are a little bolder have decided to deviate from the classics and buy redwood wedding bands, i.e. rings made of precious metal in combination with redwood. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Size

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The size of the ring is important, especially if you buy it at the last minute and don’t have time for alterations. In addition, it will also save you money because you won’t have to exchange it for another one if it doesn’t fit or expand it if it’s too small.

5. It’s not all about money

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There is an old formula that says that the ring should be worth about three months’ salary, and it originates from the great financial crisis of the 1930s. Such tips and rules are just a marketing trick, and there is no precise science about the value of a ring because it is a matter of personal choice and taste. Find a ring that fits your loved one, not society’s expectations.

6. Same rings?

Not necessarily. If you follow the tradition, then a man’s and a woman’s wedding band should be the same, because they symbolize your love, your two souls, who have found each other and joined and are now embarking on a common journey. However, usually, newlyweds do not choose the same wedding rings, but rather they choose similar ones.

You can choose wedding rings that match in shape (anatomical, flat, round or concave wedding rings), and differ in material and finish. Of course, it is recommended that the wedding rings do not clash too much – let them complement each other and communicate as a harmonious whole.

7. Making rings as desired

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For all those who know exactly what they want, but cannot find such jewelry in jewelry stores, the solution appears in the form of making jewelry according to your wishes. Yes, it might cost you a little more, but considering that it is a memory of the most important day in your life, money is not primary. Of course, we are talking about a reasonable sum that you can afford. You can engrave the motifs you want, personal messages, or dates that have a special meaning for the person to whom you are giving something like this.

Final thoughts

Before you even start your search, it is important to agree with your partner on the basic things that we mentioned earlier. When you agree on whether you want, for example, simplicity or glamour, white or yellow gold, the same or different rings, and other options – then it’s time to search. Don’t leave choosing a ring to the last minute, because that decision must be made and implemented on time. Also, don’t rush to buy the first ones you like right away, because you can always come back to them when you’ve visited everything you set out to do.

Don’t forget, you’ll be wearing wedding rings every day, so don’t buy something that’s not part of your style, regardless of the price. Better reduce the decoration budget, because wedding rings last a lifetime (or at least that’s how it should be).