Should You Hire A Band Or DJ For Your Wedding? The Ultimate Guide

One of the most important factors when it comes to weddings is certainly the wedding dress, food, photographer, and – music. If you want to have a happy wedding that will be remembered for a long time, first of all, you need to think about the type of music that will entertain the guests.

Sometimes it is difficult to harmonize tastes and please everyone – younger people listen and dance to modern music, while parents and relatives would like to hear songs from their youth. When organizing and planning a wedding for the newlyweds, choosing a good band is perhaps the most important element because whether the wedding was well organized or will turn into a fiasco depends only on a good atmosphere and cheerful and playful guests.


Bands that entertain wedding guests have been a traditional part for many years, but in the last few years a new trend has appeared in weddings, and that is DJs. Weddings certainly represent a challenge for all musicians, both for the band and for the DJ, because they have the task of guessing the taste of several hundred guests, of all ages.

Let’s do a little comparison. When choosing any contractor, it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re making the right choice. DJ for hire in Pretoria is something that will undoubtedly please the younger population. But don’t be preconceived that older generations will be bored, because DJs know how to create a crowd on the dance floor very quickly.

Many think that they play only newly composed electronic music, which is certainly not true. What is a special advantage of a DJ compared to a band is that you will hear the selected songs in the original, and not sung by someone else. In addition, the DJ requires less space, but be sure to make sure that he settles in his part of the hall on time and that he always has everything he may need within easy reach.


DJs are an increasingly popular music program at weddings, and not without reason! They are more affordable than bands, you don’t have to worry about whether they will “know how to sing” and most importantly – they are completely adaptable to your wishes. You can even create the entire playlist and know what will be played every minute.

On the other hand, you have a band that plays live and, if they know how to create an atmosphere, we are sure that you will have a party to remember! What is a big advantage is that, if you agree, you can also ask for musical wishes. When we talk about finances, hiring a DJ is usually more favorable because it is only one person, while you have an average of 5 musicians in the band.

However, many will say that live music creates a special atmosphere. We’d rather say it’s a matter of taste. What is important when choosing music is that you choose what you like, not your guests, because this is your most important day.

When choosing music for the celebration, in addition to the repertoire of songs and the quality of the performance, it is important to pay attention to some additional things. For example, venue. When renting a venue for a wedding, think about where you will place the music, whether the band or DJ will have enough space to play but also to communicate with the audience.

The sound system is undoubtedly a very important factor. In addition, in addition to the space for the celebration, it is important to pay attention to the number of guests, because the sound system and the number of musicians in the band cannot be the same for a wedding of 30 and 200 guests. When we talk about a DJ who is both a presenter and an entertainer, the sound system that many of them carry with them will play a big role in order to guarantee quality sound and therefore a good time.

If your choice is a wedding band, you have more space for experimenting with musical styles. Depending on your taste or that of your guests, the wedding band can play only the type of music you prefer, or the repertoire can be mixed, which usually happens when newlyweds want to satisfy everyone’s taste.

If you are currently in the preparation phase and are not sure what to choose, it would be best to compile the pros and cons of both and weigh them up. Try to think about what you get by choosing one of the two solutions. It would be good to ask around among friends who have already gotten married and who have been to weddings where the DJ played. They will best tell you what kind of impression the DJ made on them and whether it might be worth taking a risk and giving up on the band.


If you don’t already have a band or DJ in mind, the first step is to browse the websites of the offered bands and DJs, listen to them and then shortlist the bands you will contact, ask about the price and the places where they perform so that you can also hear them live. It is a decisive moment. It would be best to hear them just when they are playing at a wedding. What is important for you to evaluate is whether the band has a good interaction with the audience, i.e. whether they are entertainers or just good musicians.

Final thoughts

What we can finally say is that there is something more important than the music that is responsible for a good time, and that is the good mood of the newlyweds. If the newlyweds are in a good mood, the others will join them in the joy, because everyone is there that day to celebrate their love and share with them the joy of getting married.