How to Hire a Live Wedding Band on a Strict Budget in 2024

Wedding celebrations are joyful for everyone, and marriage is one of the most critical decisions in everyone’s life. Because, through marriage, two people make a crucial decision to spend life together for life. So everyone does various activities to make this day memorable.

Hiring a wedding band or having a DJ party at weddings has always been very popular, with the sole purpose of making the wedding day memorable, and we see it all the time in England.

There are many wedding band hiring companies in England through which you can hire your favourite band or artist to sing at your wedding. From wedding bands to any singing group, artist or DJ, it is a chore if you want to hire a band of your choice.

The problem is with the rental. If you’re new to hiring musical bands, you’ll make a loss for sure because you don’t always rent wedding bands and don’t have much experience. This is what opportunists take advantage of, and they will ask for a lot of cash.

So is there any way through which you can hire a wedding band for your or your relative’s friend’s wedding in 2024 at the right price or in a very budget-friendly way? Yes, there is a way. Today I am going to write about how you can hire wedding bands from the UK within a tight budget. A lot has been said; now let’s start.

Many companies in the UK provide band hire services for various events such as corporate events, wedding events or garden parties to small and large events. But if you want to know the name of the best of the best, then UK Live Entertainment will be the right choice for you.

Lost in Music – The Best Budget Band in The UK for Weddings


The UK is a rich country. If you actually talk about the music industry, particularly bands or acts, there are plenty of wedding bands available in England. So, if you are looking for a live wedding band to hire for your wedding ceremony or your friend’s wedding party, though there are many options out there, I’ll recommend one excellent option, which is UK Live Entertainment. Because UK Live Entertainment has been providing band rental services for many years, and they have a good reputation for this.

Hiring a wedding band can sometimes be expensive and difficult to choose from many options. Whatever, you have to first ensure that you will hire the right band. And if you are on a tight budget and you like under £700, then you can check out Lost In Music, the UK’s most popular boy-girl party cover band from UK Live Entertainment. This band is really amazing, and they have true popularity around England because they use the most recent beatbox technology in playing their Music which will definitely blow your mind.

Lost in Music is a two-member wedding band. Whether you are a fan of Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B or Jazz, I can promise that Lost in Music will make you dive into the ocean of sound. The band’s vocal and guitar-playing prowess will leave you in awe.

The use of modern beat box technology, the rhythmic playing of electric acoustic guitars, the incredible sound of percussion and the extraordinary voices of singers and their music selection and performance will give your wedding party Music a new elegance, and that’s only for £650+.

They are pretty adept at playing classical Music as well as modern Music. This band is also very suitable for party dancing as they have a vast collection of songs of their own.

Re-Mixed – Three Piece Wedding Band to Hire for Under £1000


The primary objective of this blog is to supply you with helpful information on budget wedding bands available in England, particularly in London. However, you should have a minimum budget of £1000 to hire a band for a wedding party, as it is pretty rare to acquire a respectable band for less than this amount. I have therefore attempted to recommend band teams that fall below this range.

Therefore, if you want to make your wedding party more spectacular and memorable without hiring a duo band, I must tell you about Re-Mixed Band. There are songs from many musical genres, including pop, rock, soul, funk, and rock & roll, because they play them with the skill of a musical magician.

In addition to possessing a repertoire of popular songs from the past four decades, the band is also proficient at playing contemporary Music. The group has a female singer. The members of the band are also professionals in drums, keyboards, and guitars. Not only are they well-known in England but also throughout Europe due to their lengthy and illustrious history of singing at numerous corporate functions.

Although this is a band of three members, they will definitely give you the experience of a full-sized band, and the most interesting thing is that they use all modern musical instruments in their songs, which makes their Music more exciting and melodious. All in all, Re-Mixed Band can be a wonderful experience for you for a lifetime!

Not only for wedding ceremonies but also for various private events and functions and civil partnership receptions; you can hire this band if you want, or feel free to suggest your friends or relatives hire Re-Mixed without any hesitation.

I think these two bands for weddings will be the best choice if you decide to hire a band under ₤1000.



There’s a lot of competition out there. Many event management companies are trying to provide their services, but many of them charge more, so you need to research and take information from around. But you don’t need to do that tiresome work because I’ve already done it to provide you with the right information on how you can hire a wedding band under ₤1000. That’s all, my friend! So, go for them, and make your wedding party memorable with these best affordable options.