The Most Popular Songs for Weddings 2024

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most significant events in your life and a truly unforgettable experience that allows you to celebrate your love with the people you truly care about. And perhaps one of the most important, intimate, and romantic parts of it is sharing your first dance with your significant other, so understandably, you will need to find a perfect song to mark this special moment. However, choosing the right music and picking that one tune to fill those 3 minutes of your entire day is not an easy thing to do.

Music is generally one of the key parts of any celebration, especially one as big as a wedding. Not only is the song you dance your first dance to important, but also the one playing while walking down the aisle, as well as the playlist you choose to entertain your guests during the reception.

It has the power to evoke strong emotions of happiness, excitement, and immense joy, so you have to make sure to pick wisely and allow it to play a role in creating an unforgettable experience.

If you and your partner do not have a special song and are looking for something special to mark your big day, here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for, as well as some of the most popular wedding tunes you might like.

Things That Can Help You Decide

Your Story

No matter how long you have been together, you have surely shared moments that have defined you as a couple. Maybe it is the way you met, certain hardships you had to overcome, or memories you are fond of, you can choose a tune that perfectly captures who you are as a couple. Listen or read lyrics carefully and find ones that you can both relate to.


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Music is usually present whenever we share romantic moments with our significant other, so think about whether there is a song you both remember listening to during a special time you spent together. It might be something that played during your first kiss, on your first date, your proposal, or anything in between.

The Internet

There are several ways to search for your wedding song online, although it does require some effort. For example, streaming services usually offer playlists that you can browse through and there are many websites you can visit that offer some great suggestions.

All you have to do is choose a genre you would like and listen through your options until you find a tune that strikes a chord. Even listening to the radio can help you with your search. For example, chillout radio music often offers some romantic, mellow, and beautiful tunes and many stations only play certain genres.

The Best & Most Popular

1. Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Singing about childhood love that has lasted all the way into adulthood, it is a wonderful love song to dance to, especially due to the imagery painted by the lyrics. There is a reason it is one of the favorites among newlyweds since it sings about finding your dear one perfect, no matter their physical appearance or character, as well as wanting to spend your entire life with them, simply enjoying the small things that matter the most. Some might even say, that ‘Perfect’ is the ultimate wedding tune.

2. John Legend – All of Me

The song perfectly captures loving someone completely from beginning to end without ever giving up even when times are hard. Nothing is more important than what a couple feels for one another, the bond that they share, and staying together through thick and thin which are all flawlessly expressed in this beautiful ballad.

3. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran is a master at creating amazing love songs, and ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is no exception. The tune expresses an everlasting love that will never be forgotten even when one grows old and starts getting weaker while their memories begin to fade. It conveys loving someone so deeply and truly that you will feel exactly the same no matter how much time passes by.

4. Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love

The tune perfectly conveys that love is the one that finds you and not the other way around. Sometimes you do not have control of what you feel and emotions can take time to develop or can happen so suddenly, you don’t know how to act. It expresses caring for someone from the bottom of one’s heart, feeling something so strongly that there is nothing you can do about it.

5. Etta James – At Last

Many people often feel that love doesn’t last, especially after a heartbreak. However, ‘At Last’ perfectly expresses that no matter how many disappointments you face, ultimately you will find the right person and learn that, indeed, true love will always last no matter what happens.

6. Train – Marry Me

Talking about being madly in love and knowing immediately that the person is the right one for you, ‘Marry Me’ conveys someone who is getting up the nerve to propose while sharing that love is more than a feeling and is something that should be expressed through everyday actions.

7. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

The song is all about being afraid to love until you find that special someone who makes all of your doubts and fears disappear. Even when one is unsure, their significant other will be there to reassure them that everything is fine and that they will always wait for them, no matter what happens between them over time.


Hopefully, you have deemed one of these songs worthy of accompanying you and your partner on your first dance as newlyweds. If not, there are many other ways you can find what you are looking for with the internet being the most convenient option, as mentioned above.

At the end of the day, no matter what you choose it will surely be special, romantic, and memorable. It will convey a message of love and adoration that will leave everyone speechless, smiling, and maybe just a little teary-eyed.