6 Most Popular Last-Minute Wedding Gifts

The wedding is the most beautiful day in the life of the couple and it is a true honor to be a part of it. At the same time, a wedding ceremony is also a lot of fun when you’re letting loose at the buffet or hitting the latest moves on the dance floor. But the problem with a wedding is that invitations are sent out many months in advance. Quickly, the big day is getting closer and closer, but you have completely forgotten about the gift for the bride and groom. Just do not panic, because there are last minute wedding gifts that still provide a smile and are sometimes even more creative and personal than the tenth toaster.

Who is the bride and groom?

Before you get into the big world of last-minute gifts, you should think about who the bride and groom are in the first place. After all, they are two individuals who in turn have different interests and hobbies. If you do not pay attention to these, you end up buying a gift that does not exactly provide joy. From therefore one must go briefly in itself and consider, what distinguishes the two future spouses.

If you know the couple only conditionally, you can look around on social media. Here, many people share their lives and you get a little insight into what the bride and groom are interested in. With these newly acquired insights, you can now start looking for the perfect last minute wedding gift.

1. A customized wedding picture

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On social media, you are sure to find a beautiful picture of the wedding couple and that is the basis for this last-minute gift. On the Internet, there are numerous ways to customize a picture. Of course, this depends on how much time you have left. Practical: Many providers not only deliver the image, such as on a canvas, but there is also a digital form. So if you don’t have much time left or can’t wait for the delivery, a digital image is the right choice. Especially popular are caricatures or simply a special style. Even just a simple, hand-drawn version of the photo makes for big eyes.

2. A richly filled gift basket

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There’s hardly any time left and you need to get a gift quickly? Now a richly filled gift basket is an excellent solution. The big plus is that you can customize the gift to your personal budget. So you do not have to put hundreds of euros on the table, but already with a small amount you can fill a basket richly. What all comes in the gift basket, is left to everyone. For more details check Garden Street.
Just different delicacies are very popular, including luxurious food such as truffles, champagne or caviar. But you could also opt for a romantic content, such as candles. It always depends on how well you know the couple. With good friends, you can go into detail, but with acquaintances, it’s better to go for products that are generally popular.

3. The own star



There are very many classic gifts, but how about something unusual? This is exactly what the following gift is, because a star is named after the couple. Here you have many different options, because you can determine not only the name, but also what kind of star it should be. However, it would be a bit boring to just tell the bride and groom that a star is now named after them. To get around this, one receives a certificate with the coordinates of the star, its picture as well as the registered name. If that is still not enough, Star-Naming.com, offers further options.

For example, the visibility of the star, the design of the certificate or when the star was named, with the wedding date being a natural choice. All of this is completed quickly and after just a few days the certificate arrives at home, with a digital form also available that takes less than two minutes. Beautifully wrapped, it makes a unique last-minute gift.

4. Funny money gifts

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More and more couples do not want classic gifts, but only one thing: money. Now, of course, you have it very easy, but simply handing over a few bills is not exactly the fine English way. Instead, there are numerous packages for money gifts, which certainly provide a little laugh. However, you can also get a little creative yourself. So if you don’t have much time left, you simply look for a suitable craft instruction on the Internet and follow it. Often you do not even need many different crafting utensils, but you have everything at home. Practical: The amount of the cash gift can be set individually.

5. A perfect voucher

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Probably one of the simplest solutions is a voucher. For a long time he no longer has the reputation of being a boring or unimaginative gift, because today there is a colorful variety of vouchers. Even in the supermarket one finds such, whereby special experiences stand high in the course. So you give away a short vacation, a trip to the opera or even something action-packed, like a parachute jump. If you don’t know the couple very well, you could also give away a voucher for a candlelight dinner or simply a shopping voucher for an online store. Especially with vouchers you have sometimes the largest selection and can thus tailor this perfectly to the couple.

6. Plant a tree

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The bride and groom are spoiled from all sides at the wedding, which is why you can do the environment a favor with your gift. After all, environmentalism and sustainability are extremely popular and many couples are happy to see something good being done in their name. So a quick last minute gift is to plant a tree. This green friend doesn’t have to find a place in your own backyard; there are many organizations that plant trees in your name to help nature. While it’s not a physical gift, just the thought of having done something good is enough for many spouses.

A small selection

The world of last-minute wedding gifts is of course much larger, because there are many spontaneous gift ideas that provide rapture at the wedding. The most important thing is not to lose sight of the wishes and needs of the bride and groom. Otherwise, later you buy a gift that does not make happy. At the same time, it does not reflect well on you. Of course, the easiest thing to do is not to wait until the last minute to buy the gift. As soon as you receive the invitation, you can already take care of the gift.

So, you have that out of your mind and the big day can approach quite relaxed. If, on the other hand, one is unsure whether the wedding ceremony will actually take place, one prefers to wait and use one of the options shown here if the wedding is imminent.