Best Months To Get Married in Florida

Planning a party to celebrate the formation of family makes you think not only about the location of the wedding photographer services by Vanilla Brides, but also about the right date. Most newlyweds want to take their vows on a day off, as this is the only way to get all the relatives together at the event.

Since the sunny state of America makes it possible to have ceremonies according to tastes. So you can choose the best place in Florida to get married. Popular options won’t always meet a couple’s expectations, so explore the cities in the sunny state of America.

Best place to get married in Florida


You can easily find locales, scenic beaches, and centuries-old forests among Florida’s popular cities. The list of attractive cities from Vanilla Brides includes:

  1. Miami. This part of Florida is famous for its white sandy beaches. For this reason, honeymooners head out to explore the area and easily achieve the results.
  2. San Jose. A city with a unique atmosphere is suitable for a rustic wedding. There are many locales, so you will quickly find the right one for the celebration.
  3. Naples. A stylish waterfront wedding is a dream that can come true. A ceremony against the backdrop of the sunset will definitely be a pleasant page in your family photo album.

However, you don’t have to stop at these cities. Jacksonville, Phoenix, Tampa, Charlotte and other unique locations will allow you to plan your celebration, choose the best time of the year to get married and meet your best expectations.

Most expensive month to get married

Although wedlock in Florida can be celebrated all year round, it’s worth exploring the period of peak activity.



Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day are the most popular dates on this month. The weather is perfect for celebrating outdoors, as the temperature rarely drops below the +20-degree mark.


Planning a celebration for getting married in March in Florida requires starting preparations at least a year in advance. Perfect weather allows you to make your wedding day the way it should be: warm, bright, and unforgettable. You can save on celebration planning by pre-booking locations and hotels.


Since the season has just begun, April is also one of the most expensive month to get married. To take advantage of the premium rates, you must make reservations 12 months in advance of your celebration date. Nothing will ruin your wedding day, and the lovely weather will allow you to enjoy the comfort.



The peak season is in full bloom, so May weddings are still common. Even though many residents are gradually leaving Florida, it’s difficult to hold a celebration. It is recommended to avoid days that coincide with other holidays (such as Memorial Day).


Brief rains won’t ruin your holiday, as the weather remains fine most of the day. Hot days are still to come, so more and more couples are looking to celebrate their wedding this summer month. An additional benefit of June is the abundance of beautiful locations for photos of the young couple.


A wedding attracts newlyweds for several reasons. First, it is worth noting the excellent weather, although the heat gradually becomes more palpable. The absence of heavy rains also contributes to a comfortable celebration. However, this period is suitable for weddings surrounded by loved ones.

Off season wedding months

The peak season lasts from February to July, because the weather gradually becomes an obstacle to the celebration. If you intend to hold a celebration in the cheapest months to get married, it is worth booking indoor halls and refuse to hold the ceremony outdoors.



There are a few simple tips to make sure the heat doesn’t get in the way of the ceremony. A room on the shore of the bay will allow you to forget about the high temperature and take care of your comfort. Moving the celebration to the afternoon is also an important tip: this way you don’t have to be exhausted by the hot climate. If you are planning a celebration at the beach, it is worth considering the strength of the wind.


It is better to organize a small party in September – off season wedding month. Hotel accommodations will not be inconvenient and the ceremony can be held in an indoor venue.

Holding the celebration in a small family circle will make it possible to comfortably accommodate invited friends and not to overpay for the services provided. Thanks to this, the high temperature will not prevent you from making a great celebration to your liking.


Newlyweds should pay attention to this best month for wedding celebrations. The weather is gradually getting better, and the length of the daylight hours gives you the opportunity to take great shots. The cost of wedding locales is decreasing, and celebrating in a small family circle will not hit the budget.



November is perfect for organizing a marriage celebration. Affordable prices, many different locations, a temperate climate, and a lack of complications make it possible to have a unique wedding. The ceremony can be held both outdoors and indoors. At the same time, the cost of necessary services for getting married in November does not hit the budget.


Comfortable temperatures, an abundance of ceremony meeting points and affordable prices make December one of the best months for weddings. The beginning of the holiday season is still to come, so the cost of service is relatively low. In the run-up to New Year’s Eve and Christmas, prices will go up, so it is worth getting married in December in the first decade.


January weather will not be suitable for diving or other outdoor activities, but it is ideal for a marriage party. The lack of rain and extreme heat are part of the benefits of getting married in January. Since preparations for the start of the season have not yet begun, the cost for event planning assistants will be affordable. In addition, there is the opportunity to choose a great hotel at a bargain price to accommodate guests.